Agilent 81662A-361

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Agilent 81662A-361

Agilent 81662A-361


Agilent 81662A-361


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Agilent HP 81662A-361. 10mW DFB Laser Source with Opt. 361: 1550.12nm: APC

The Agilent 8166xA Distributed Feedback Laser Sources are part of the Agilent Lightwave Solution Platform, and best suited for amplifier test and DWDM system test applications. Agilent covers the C- and L-Band with its family of Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser source modules 81662A (10dBm) and 81663A (13dBm).



High optical output power: +13 dBm


Wavelength Stability: +/- 0.002nm


Fine-tuning range: +/- 850pm


Power stability: 0.003dB


Built-in coherence control


Built-in digital modulation


Built-in isolator



High optical output power offers the flexibility in test environment and enables test and characterization of nonlinear effects which the customer could not do so far.


The precise tunability around IT-grid center wavelength gives you the flexibility to match test setups to latest requirements of the DWDM-system. The fine-tuning allows to shift the center wavelength from one DWDM transmission channel to the adjacent channel in dense WDM systems.


The coherence control allows to change the linewidth of the laser to avoid problems with stimulated Brillioun scattering, and effects generated by unwanted cavities.


The built-in digital modulation enables applications like time-domain extinction testing of EDFA noise figure.


The built-in isolator ensures laser stability, even when reflections are present in the optical path.

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