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Agilent 8593E-004-041-105-130

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Agilent 8593E-004-041-105-130

Agilent 8593E-004-041-105-130


Agilent 8593E-004-041-105-130


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Agilent HP 8593E-004-041-105-130. Spectrum Analyzer, 9kHz-22GHz

The 8590 Series offers a wide range of performance, features, and optional capability to meet your measurement needs. Standard models offer RBW from 1 kHz to 3 MHz and amplitude as low as -115 dBm to +30 dBm, optionally down to 30 Hz RBW & -130 dBm. One-button measurement routines include FFT, ACP and TOI. Optional personality cards support applications like CATV, component test, EMC, lightwave, and wireless communications.

Available instrument options include HP-IB or RS-232 ports with a parallel printer port, tracking generator, narrow RBW, time-gated spectrum analysis, AM/FM demod, quasi-peak detector, digital demod, and more. .


004 =Precision Frequency Reference,

009 =LO and Sweep + Tune,

010 =Tracking Generator (9 kHz TO 2.9 GHz),

012 =Source for DECT Receiver Test,

015 =Soft Tan Carrying/Operating Case,

016 =Soft Yellow Carrying/Operating Case,

021 =IEEE-488 GPIB Interface,

023 =RS232 Interface,

026 =26.5 GHz Frequency Extension, APC-3.5mm Connector,

027 =26.5 GHz Frequency Extension, Type-N Connector,

040 =Front Panel Protective Cover With Storage,

041 =GPIB and Parallel Printer Interfaces,

043 =RS-232 and Parallel Printer Interfaces,

050 =Improved Amplitude Accuracy (NADC-TDMA Bands),

051 =Improved Amplitude Accuracyf or PDC Bands,

052 =Improved Amplitude Accuracy for PHS Band,

053 =Improved Amplitude Accuracy for CDMA Bands,

101 =Fast Time-Domain Sweeps and Analog+ Display,

102 =AM/FM Demodulator and TV Sync Trigger (Requires Option 101),

103 =Quasi-Peak Detector, AM/FM Demodulator,

105 =Time-Gated Spectrum Analysis,

107 =TV Receiver Video Tester,

119 =Noise Figure,

130 =Narrow Resolution Bandwidths (30 to 300 Hz and 200 Hz EMI),

140 =Option 130 & 004,

180 =TV Picture NTSC/PAL/SECAM,

301 =TV Sync Trigger, Fast Time-Domain Sweeps, AM/FM Demodulator, Analog+ Display

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Test Equipment Connection

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