Tektronix P7313

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Tektronix P7313

Tektronix P7313


Tektronix P7313


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Test Equipment Connection

Tektronix P7313. Z-Active Differential Probes with a bandwidth of 12.5 GHz

Tektronix has created a revolutionary Z-Active probe architecture that sets the industry benchmark for signal fidelity.Tektronix active probe architecture preserves high bandwidth while providing improved connectivity with low loading.

The Z-Active architecture is a hybrid approach composed of a distributed attenuator topology feeding an active probe amplifier. The Z-Active probes use a tiny passive probe tip element that is separate from the amplifier, extending the usable reach of the probe. In traditional active probes, adding this much length can introduce signal fidelity problems.

However, this architecture maintains high DC input resistance and presents a higher AC impedance than previous probe architectures. It accomplishes this while providing significant length between the probe body and the probe attachment point to the DUT. This architecture provides the best of both worlds: high DC impedance like existing active probes and the stable high frequency loading of Z0 probes.


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