Leader LV5330

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Leader LV5330


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Leader LV5330.

LV5330 HD/SD-SDI Monitor/Analyzer Portable and Rack-Mountable

The LV 5330 is a compact and lightweight multi-SDI test monitor specifically designed for on-camera and portable applications. Picture, waveform, vector, audio and status screens can be displayed individually or in multi-screen representations. The instrument is also equipped with on-picture measurement functions, Cinelite and Cinezone, and helps facilitate measurements that are easily understood by both technical and operations personnel. High-accuracy measurement and monitoring facilities also include settable error level monitoring and alarms as well as extensive data analysis. A screen capture function facilitates communication between production and post production personnel and aids in project documentation.


* Two Serial Digital Inputs Two SDI input connectors (channels A and B) support HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals. The selected SDI input is passed through an SDI output connector to facilitate switched monitor output operation.

* Display A built-in 6.5-inch XGA TFT LCD (1,024x768) provides brilliant and clear representations of waveforms, vectors, pictures, audio level meters, status, etc. The multi-screen feature allows these displays to be shown simultaneously in tiled windows.

* Picture display Brightness, contrast, and saturation is adjustable and aspect ratio, safe action and safe title markers can be displayed. The edge enhancement feature provides visual assistance with focus.

* Cinelite II (Cinelite and Cinezone)The Cinelite on-picture measurement feature displays the luminance of any three user definable points and provides luminance measurements in %, RGB levels (or %) as well as in f-stops. The Cinezone feature uses false-colors to represent luminance values on the display enabling quick confirmation of the luminance distribution levels on the display.

* Waveform Monitoring Parade, overlay, Y CB CR, RGB, and pseudo-composite displays are available.

* Vectorscope Vectorscope display is available and accommodates both 75 % and 100 % saturation levels; pseudo-composite vectorscope display is also available.

* 5 Bar Display The 5 Bar display enables simultaneous monitoring of component and composite gamut.

* Line Selector Selects any line of the video signal to be displayed and provides waveform, vector and 5-bar representations of the selected line. A line marker on the picture facilitates visual selection of the appropriate line.

* Audio Level Meter Up to 8 channels of embedded audio signals can be displayed using audio bar level meters.

* The SD-SDI audio quantization precision is up to 20 bits.

* Viewfinder The camera's composite video output (in NTSC or PAL) can be shown on the picture display. The edge enhancement feature assists you in focusing the camera.

* Screen Capture The displayed screen can be captured and saved to internal memory or USB memory.

* Extensive Analysis Features

* Various types of error detection

* SDI signal event log

* Digital data dump

* Flexible Control

* Instrument can be remote controlled from a PC over an Ethernet network.

* Internal memory holds up to 30 presets allowing quick access to your favorite instrument setups. Personalize your LV 5330 by loading your own custom presets via USB thumb-drive.

* External Synchronization Accepts tri-level sync or NTSC/PAL black burst signals.

* Stereo Headphone Output Extracts embedded audio signals and sends 2 user selectable audio channels to the headphone jack.

* Panel LED Illumination You can illuminate all of the panel keys; a useful feature when working in a dark environment

* Power Supply XLR DC input connector is provided; accepts 12Vdc- 18Vdc. A V-mount battery adapter is also available as a factory option.

* Tripod Mounting A Screw(1/4.in) hole attaching a camera tripod is provided on the bottom panel of the LV 5330.

* Battery Mount (Factory Option)A battery adapter can be installed on the rear panel as a factory option.


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Test Equipment Connection

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