Meriam 1900

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Meriam 1900


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Test Equipment Connection

Meriam 1900. Series Flow Computer

Precision Instruments for Pressure, Flow, Temperature, and Level

The Series 1900 Flow Computer satisfies the instrument requirements for a variety of flowmeter types in liquid, gas, steam, and heat applications. Multiple flow equations are available in a single instrument with many advanced features.

The Series 1900 Flow Computer is compatible with Merian Laminar Flow Element, Venturi, and Averaging Pilot flowmeter types.

The alphanumeric display offers measured parameters in easy to understand format. Manual access to measurements and display scrolling is supported.

The versatility of the Series 1900 Flow Computer permits a wide measure of versatility within the instrument package. The various hardware inputs and outputs can be "soft" assigned to meet a variety of common application needs.

The use "soft selects" the usage of each input/output while configuring the instrument. Consider the following illustrative examples.

The isolated analog output can be chosen to follow the volume flow, corrected volume flow, mass flow, temperature, pressure, or density by means of a menu selection. Most hardware features are assignable by this method.

The user can assign the standard RS-232 Serial Port for external data logging, transaction printing, or for connection to a modem for remote meter reading.

A Service or Test mode is provided to assist the user during start-up system check out by monitoring inputs and exercising outputs. The system setup can also be printed.


* Use with Laminar Flow Elements, Accutube averaging pitot tubes, Orifice Plates, Venturis, Vortex, Turbines or other flow meters

* Corrects for density and viscosity changes bases on pressure and temperature inputs

* Windows set up

* Calculates corrected or actual flow rate and total

* Analog, relay and digital outputs

* Air Density/Viscosity with Humidity Compensation

* Relative Humidity Input

* Liquid, Gas, Steam, and Heat Flow Equations

* Internal Data Logging Option

* Isolated Pulse and Analog Outputs Standard

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