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PANASONIC panasonic IP feeder listed by Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd. (D1). Add your item for sale/wanted

PANASONIC panasonic IP feeder


PANASONIC panasonic IP feeder


Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Hong Kong

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Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd. (D1)

Company Information:

Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd. (D1)

Daiichi (D1) is the largest used PCBA (SMT/AI) machine supplier in China. We buying & selling the Panasert

HK, Hong Kong

Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone 852-26901764
  • Fax 852-26902064

Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd. (D1) website

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PANASONIC panasonic IP feeder Specs:


IP Stick单管Feeder 8p 14p 16p 18p 20p 24p 28p 32p 44p 52p 68p 84p

IPII 8X4p 8X4E 8X2PE 12X4E 12X8E 16X8E 16X12E 24X8E 24X12E 24X16E 32X8E 32X12E 32X16E 32X20E 32X24E 44X16E 44X20E 44X24E 44X32E 44X36E 56X40E

IPIII电动 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm 56mm 72mm 120mm

XP电动 8x4 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm

IPIII气动 8x4p 8x4E 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm 56mm

IPIII异形 25x465 750x250mm

QP341电动 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm 56mm

QPIIF电动 12mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 44mm 56mm

in good condition.

if you have damend, please let me know .

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