Aeroflex-IFR RD-300

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Aeroflex-IFR RD-300

Aeroflex-IFR RD-300


Aeroflex-IFR RD-300


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Test Equipment Connection

Aeroflex-IFR RD-300. The RD-300 is designed as a precision simulator-tester of aircraft weather radar instruments. The RD-300, in conjunction with the oscilloscope, can perform virtually all routine radar testing. Because the RD-300 is connected to the unit under-test through just one calibrated coaxial cable, there is no need to reconfigure the test equipment to measure different parameters.

The RD-300 features a signal generator system which automatically acquires and tracks the magnetron frequency to eliminate constant retuning of the signal generator to compensate for magnetron or signal generator drift. The signal generator is modulated to simulate storm cell echoes in several modes, including Contour Mode. Contour Mode is used for rapid calibration and checkout of contour threshold circuits. The range delay of these simulated storm cell echoes is calibrated in microseconds or nautical miles (NM). Multiple returns can be generated to check and adjust the radar range ring display. An auxiliary modulation mode developsd narrow, short range pulses for testing multimode radars.

Measurement of the magnetron frequency and PRF appears on the Digital Display (12). The magnetron condition and spectrum characteristics can be checked using the detector and disciminator outputs. Peak power measurements are possible with a full scale sensitivity of 12 kW (or 120 kW peaks with the external 10 dB attenuator).

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