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Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH listed by Test Equipment Connection. Add your item for sale/wanted

Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH

Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH

Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH


Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH


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Agilent 89441A - 1C2 - AY9 - AYA - AYH Specs:

Agilent HP 89441A-1C2-AY9-AYA-AYH-UTH.

Vector Signal Analyzer

The 89441A covers baseband through RF frequencies of dc to 2.65 GHz in scalar and vector analysis modes. The scalar RF instrument mode allows full-frequency coverage in spans to 2648 MHz.

Vector RF mode offers exceptional speed and additional signal processing for enhanced time-domain characterization and demodulation. Vector spans as wide as 7 MHz can be selected anywhere in the 2.65 GHz frequency range. A vector baseband mode is also available to provide all of the features and functionality of the 89410A. In vector RF mode, both phase and amplitude characteristics are captured in the time-series data. This information can be processed for narrow resolution spectrum analysis, AM/FM/PM demodulation, time selective analysis, vector modulation analysis (optional), and many other types of measurements.

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