Com-Power LI-215

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Com-Power LI-215

Com-Power LI-215


Com-Power LI-215


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Com-Power LI-215. 30 MHZ, Line Impedance Stabilization Network


o Frequency range: 10 kHz or 0.01 MHz - 30 MHz

o Inductor uH: 250 and 50

o Current Rating Amps: 15

o EMI Test Specification: CISPR, EN

o Coils matched to application

o Air core coils

o Individually calibrated

Other Info:

The Com-Power LI-215 Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs) is utilized during single phase conducted emissions testing per FCC, CISPR and European norms, and meet the< impedance requirements called out in these specifications.

The LI215 LISN provides input power line impedance to the equipment under test (EUT) that is constant and independent of the line impedance of the external power source during conducted emissions testing.

The LI 215 has an aluminum enclosure that minimizes radio frequency interference which can compromise test results and use air-core coils to prevent saturation and permeability variation.

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Test Equipment Connection

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