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GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid listed by Global Nanotech Equipment Co. Ltd.. Add your item for sale/wanted

GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid

GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid

GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid


GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid

Part Number:

Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid


Other Assembly Equipment

Model Year:





$ 1000.00


California, USA

Offered by:

Global Nanotech Equipment Co. Ltd.

Company Information:

Global Nanotech Equipment Co. Ltd.

Material and Lab Equipment

Danville, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone 1-925-389-8496

Global Nanotech Equipment Co. Ltd. website

Company Postings:

(10) used SMT equipment marketplace items

(1) SMT parts, accessories & PCB supplies item

GNE Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbid Specs:

Quartz, Ceramic,Silicon Carbide, Silicon parts:

Global Nanotech Equipment provides high quality new Material and Lab Equipment, used, 2nd hand, rebuilt and refurbished Metrology Equipment(CD-SEM. FESEM, SEM, FIB),Electronic Test Equipment and other semiconductor equipment ,quartz, ceramic,silicon carbide,silicon parts.

Global Nanotech Equipment provides the following used/new quartz,ceramic,silicon carbide,silicon parts for high technology equipment.


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CD-SEM, FESEM, SEM, FIB, quartz, ceramic,silicon carbide,silicon parts, semiconductor equipment , Electronic Test Equipment, Lab equipment, Muffle furnaces , Tube furnace,

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