Anritsu MT8220A

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Anritsu MT8220A

Anritsu MT8220A


Anritsu MT8220A


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Anritsu MT8220A. ANRITSU MT8220A: High Performance Node B Analyzer

The UMTS Master model MT8220A is a handheld Node B analyzer designed to aid RF engineers and technicians during installation, deployment and maintenance of WCDMA/HSDPA Node B equipment. The MT8220A combines the functionality of a transmitter analyzer (WCDMA/HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE), channel scanner interference analyzer, and the field proven Spectrum Master (MS2721A) spectrum analyzer into one lightweight, handheld, test tool weighing less than 6.5 lbs (2.9 kgs).

The UMTS Master WCDMA/HSDPA signal analyzer mode frequency range is 824-894 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz and 2300-2700 MHz. The UMTS Master GSM/GPRS/EDGE signal analyzer mode frequency range is 380-400 MHz, 410-430 MHz, 450-468 MHz, 478-496 MHz, 698-746 MHz, 747-792 MHz, 806-866 MHz, 824-894 MHz, 890-960 MHz, 880-960 MHz, 876-960 MHz, 870-921 MHz and 1710-1990 MHz. The spectrum analyzer mode channel scanner mode, interference analyzer mode, frequency range is a continuous 100 kHz to 7.1 GHz.

The UMTS Master transmitter measurement capabilities (WCDMA/HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE)include RF measurements and demodulator measurements to test base station performance by connecting to the base station or using an antenna to capture signals over the air. Several smart button measurements are built into the spectrum analyzer mode to save setup time and errors. The UMTS Master GPS option provides two advantages: location information and enhanced frequency accuracy. PC data analysis software, Master Software Tools, enables assessment of system trends, problems, and performance in addition to professional report generation.

The use of external Compact Flash memory modules allows an unlimited number of traces and setups to be stored. Ethernet 10/100 Base T and USB 2.0 connections are provided to give the user flexibility in remotely controlling the instrument as well as in uploading and downloading traces and settings.

The MT8220A is shipped with a User's Guide, a soft carrying case, an AC - DC Adapter, an Automotive Cigarette Lighter/12 Volt DC Adapter, a CD ROM containing Master Software Tools and USB driver, a USB A-mini B cable, an Ethernet Cable, a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, a 64 MB Compact Flash module, a type-N male to SMA female adapter and a type-N male to BNC female adapter.

Every MT8220A has a one year warranty for parts and labor and is shipped with a certificate of calibration and conformance.


# WCDMA/HSDPA Node B transmitter performance testing (installation, deployment, maintenance) Four WCDMA/HSDPA Options to analyze node B performance in detail by connecting the UMTS Master to node B or connecting an antenna and capturing WCDMA/HSDPA signal Over The Air

# Capture WCDMA/HSDPA signals using Over The Air (OTA) measurement with a portable antenna while sitting in the car

# Two GSM/GPRS/EDGE options to analyze base station performance in detail

# Spectrum Analysis—anytime, anywhere

# Channel Scanner measures the power of multiple transmitted signals at one time

# Identify intermittent interference using a spectrogram display and locate the interference signal using the signal strength meter


# WCDMA/HSDPA Multi-Channel ACLR measurement displays up to four main channels and up to four adjacent channels

# WCDMA/HSDPA Over The Air (OTA) - displays six scrambling codes in a bar graph format. For each scrambling code, CPICH in dBm, Ec/Io in dB, Ec in dBm, and plot dominance in dB is displayed.

# WCDMA/HSDPA RF measurements provides ACLR, multi-channel ACLR, spectral emission mask for quick node B analysis

# Demodulate WCDMA/HSDPA signal and display the selected code constellation and measure code variation over time.

# GSM/GPRS/EDGE RF measurement provides views of single channel spectrum, multi-channel spectrum, power versus time (Frame), power versus time (slot) with mask for quick base station analysis.

# Using GSM/GPRS/EDGE demodulator option automatically demodulates GSM or EDGE signal and displays the applicable vector diagram.

# GPS option saves measurement with location information.

# GPS option enhances the frequency accuracy of the UMTS Master's internal OCXO oscillator.

# Handheld, lightweight battery-powered design

# Large daylight viewable transflective color display

# Lightweight at only 6.4 lbs (2.9 kgs)

# Custom software that plots data from both GSM channel power and UMTS/WCDMA P-CPICH (Power in the Primary Common Pilot Channel) measurements for EMI analysis.

# Multilingual User Interface (English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Italian)

# Capability to create custom languages using Master Software Tools and download the languages into the MT8220A

# Store more than 1000 measurement test set-ups internally

# Save more than 1000 measurement traces internally

# Best in class Displayed Average Noise Level <153 dBm typical in a 10 Hz resolution bandwidth at 1 GHz

# Rechargeable/field-replaceable Li-Ion battery

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