Time Electronics 5051

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Time Electronics 5051

Time Electronics 5051


Time Electronics 5051


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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

General Calibrators : Time Electronics 5051

Time Electronics 5051. Time Electronics 5051 Multifunction Calibrator w/ Factory Certificate

* 15ppm accuracy
* Industrial quality internal PC
* 0 - 1kV AC/DC
* 0 - 20A AC/DC
* 1R - 1GR Resistance
* 0.1Hz - 10MHz Frequency
* Thermocouple simulation

Functionality and Flexibility: The 5051 Multifunction Calibration System combines a high accuracy calibration source with a precision digital multimeter (DMM).

It provides a wide range of calibrated outputs for AC/DC Voltage up to 1000V, AC / DC current to 20 amps, plus a range of resistance, capacitance, inductance and frequency. An option for calibrating oscilloscopes is also available. The DMM section can measure DC voltages to 1000V, AC voltages to 750V, and resistance to 100Mohms.

The 5051 can calibrate, bench and handheld multi-meters, frequency meters, ohm meters, ac/dc millivoltmeters, thermocouple indicators, resistance boxes, clamp meters, temperature indicators/sensors, RTDs, power supplies, signal generators, ac/dc signal sources, timer counters, oscilloscopes and much, much more.

Reliability and Accuracy: It?s outstanding performance is based on Time Electronics own 22 bit Digital to Analogue converter which provides 0.25ppm resolution. The linearity and temperature coefficients are compensated by patented software techniques to provide better than 0.05ppm/degC.

Precise calibration is possible using the deviation function - this provides a direct error readout for the instrument being calibrated.

Ease of use: The control software allows a wide range of functions to be selected using mouse, keyboard, or touch screen.

Time Electronics EasyCal software is installed as standard and provides a straightforward and user friendly automatic calibration environment.
*NIST/UKAS Calibration Certificates can be provided at an additional charge.


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Test Equipment Connection

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