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Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61 - R

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Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61 - R

Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61 - R


Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61 - R


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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61 - Radio Test Set
Rohde & Schwarz CMD60-B1-B4-B6-B41-B44-K61.

R&S CMD60 Digital Radiocommunication Tester. (formerly marketed as Tektronix CMD60)

* High production output at low investment for test equipment
* The R&S CMD60 can be remote controlled via IEC/IEEE-bus interface using SCPI-compatible commands.
* Comprehensive test capabilities implemented in one single unit.


* Comprehensive in-depth measurements based on ETSI Rec. CTR06
* A lot of complex test setups with conventional equipment become redundant with the use of this special DECT tester
* Automatic regression and stress tests
* The tester supplies a great number of DECT-specific signals such as bit clock, TX/RX enable, to control the module under test
* Comprehensive audio tests


* Ergonomic user interface and relaxed manual operation due to a large bright LCD (requires noDECT-specific knowledge) strictly separated from the expert user interface for configuration
* Integrated tools such as a scope display for power and FM demodulation versus time ease troubleshooting

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Test Equipment Connection

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