Fuji CP6,QP2,QP3 ,spare parts....


Fuji CP6,QP2,QP3 ,spare parts....

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Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

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$ 100.00



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ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

No. PART NO. DESCRIPTION Qty. Remark Machine
1 AWPH3120 Shaft spline 1 used CP6
2 WPH1181 CP6 valve 22 used CP6
3 DCPH0681 CP7 valve 10 used CP7
4 CSSS1411 Cylinder,CR8-18W) 1 used CP6
5 MPJ2220 Pam materials 1 New CP6
6 SAM1411 SGM-01A3FJ12 1 used CP6
7 SAM6240 SGM-A3A3FJ71 1 used QP242
8 SAM6230 SGM-A5A3FJ43 1 used QP242
9 ABHPH8180 QP242 Index Holder Assy. 2 used QP242
10 BHPH3313 QP242 Z-Axis Ball Screw 2 used QP242
11 K1005Z Coupling 12 used CP6
12 ADBPH8084 QP341 Holder Assy. 1 used QP341
13 WPH1284 Shaft 10 used CP6
14 WPH0385 Clutch 5 used CP6
15 WPA5152 SPCHA7-25-12-Z3-B 3 used CP6
16 A4001L/K/F VGH12E-FM56L-26SK 1 New QP341
17 WPH1284 Shaft 2 new CP6
18 AWPH3086 SHAFT ASSY. 1 used CP6

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