Aaronia HF-60100 V4

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Aaronia HF-60100 V4

Aaronia HF-60100 V4


Aaronia HF-60100 V4


Test Equipment

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Lake Mary, FL

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Test Equipment Connection

RF Measurement in this price range has never been this PROFESSIONAL.
Find radiation sources in your surroundings. Find their respective frequencies and signal strengths, including direct display of exposure limits. This used to be impossible in this price category, professional units often costing several thousand euros and being excessively complicated in handling.
The highly complex calculations in spectrum analysis incl. exposure limit calculation is being performed, unnoticed in the background, by a high-performance DSP (digital signal processor). This ultra-fast processor even allows REAL-TIME display in all EMF (LF) versions of the SPECTRAN® series (could you ask for more?). Simply amazing!

Fast, handy, cost-effective, beautiful exterior and PRECISION - what more could you ask ?

The perfect analysis:
Professional RF measurement devices use a frequency dependant measurement approach, the so-called spectrum analysis. In a certain frequency range, the individuals signals and their respective strengths are being broken down, for example into a "bargraph" display (see SPECTRAN screenshots on the right). The height of the individual bars represents the corresponding signal strength. For the 3 strongest signal sources, SPECTRAN® automatically displays the exact frequency and signal level, thanks to its "Auto Marker" feature. Of course, you can also setup the filter width and the frequency range to be analysed as you like.

In the RF spectrum shown, a frequency range of approx. 100MHz to 7GHz from left to right is being analysed (full sweep). During analysis, the Auto Marker feature has determined - fully automatic - three main signal sources:
Signal#1=942MHz (GSM communications) at -63dBm
Signal#2=2024MHz (UMTS) at -23dBm
Signal#3=5832MHz (802.11a WLan) at -42dBm

Thanks to its DIRECT frequency display of the individual signal sources, a doubtless mapping of measurement results to the corresponding radiation sources is possible


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Test Equipment Connection

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