Virtrek Vitrek 4640B

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Virtrek Vitrek 4640B

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Vitrek 4640B


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Vitrek 4640B Precision High Voltage Meter

When it comes to making precise high voltage measurements, there is nothing faster or easier than the Vitrek 4600A Series. With its unrivaled accuracy and direct reading capability, the 4600A Series sets the performance standard for precision high voltage measurements. For quick and accurate calibration of Hipot testers, Dielectric StrengthTesters, Meggers, Insulation Resistance Testers, high voltage powersupplies, and other high voltage sources, the 4600A Series can’t be beat. Whether you are making DC or AC high voltage measurements, the 4600A Series is uniquely equipped for the job. For rock solid DC performance, the 4600A Series' multi-slope integrating analog to digital converter provides fast, stable readings even in the presence of noise and ripple. For accurate AC measurement with either sine wave or distorted waveforms all of the 4600A Series units feature the latest in true RMS measurement conversion technology. The 4600A Series is equipped with two voltage scales to cover a broader span of voltages and select the ideal range for optimum resolution and accuracy.
Superior Performance by Design
Measurement integrity is our bottom line – whether you are on a production line manufacturing high voltage medical imaging equipment, in a national laboratory conducting ground breaking research or in the cal lab certifying test equipment, it is essential to choose your tools carefully; take the Vitrek 4600A HV DVMs, for instance. This rugged compact instrument is equally at home in the lab or in the field. Underneath its attractive, high impact, injection molded enclosure, lies a steel Faraday cage, a guarded compartment to discriminate against the introduction of uncertainties due to stray capacitance and EMFs that are often present in high voltage applications.
The modular construction of the 4600A Series probe features a removable probe tip, which can be replaced with a variety of available HV leads to provide the ideal connection for your application. The high impedance attenuator design of the 4600A Series balances offsetting power and voltage coefficients to deliver laboratory grade performance in a bench­-top package. The 4600A Series attenuator also features a patented non-inductive design to minimize field effects and provide enhanced AC performance. For people on the go – the 4600A Series is available with a standard carrying handle and an optional battery pack. For systems applications the 4600A Series is available with rack mount adaptor and rear panel inputs.

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