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Agilent HP 8981B

Agilent HP  8981B

Agilent HP  8981B


Agilent HP 8981B


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Agilent HP 8981B Specs:

The HP 8981B vector modulation analyzer (and HP 8780A/8782B vector signal generators) can be used to adjust and troubleshoot I/Q modulators, demodulators, and I/Q modulated signals used in digital mobile radio, microwave radio, and the transmission of digital video. The analyzers can be connected to the I/Q outputs of a demodulator in a receiver, or to IF test points. Once connected, the 8981B displays constellations, EYE diagrams, and vector diagrams of digital modulation formats such as QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, and 256QAM. The analyzer also makes statistical measures of system quality such as closure, lock angle error, and quadrature error. Through these "constellation analysis" techniques, transmission quality can be measured and monitored to detect degradations in the transmission link before link bit error rates reach unacceptable levels.

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