Panasonic 256CS nozzle

Panasonic 256CS nozzle

Panasonic 256CS nozzle


Panasonic 256CS nozzle


Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Shenzhen Xiangwei Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.

DT401 Nozzle

KXFX037SA00   NOZZLE 1001

KXFX037TA00   NOZZLE 1002

KXFX037UA00   NOZZLE 1003

KXFX037VA00   NOZZLE 1004

KXFX037WA00  NOZZLE 1005

KXFX037XA00   NOZZLE 1006

CM402 Nozzle

CM402 110: KXFX0383A00(KXFX04MSA00,KXFX03DGA00)

CM402 115A: KXFX037NA00

CM402 120: KXFX0384A00

CM402 130: KXFX0385A00

CM402 140: KXFX0386A00

CM402 161: N610004673AA

CM402 205: KXFX04N0A00

CM402 206A: KXFX05V2A00

CM402 225C: N610040782AA

CM402 226C: N610040783AA

CM402 230C: N610040784AA

CM402 235C: N610043814AA

CM402 240C: N610062681AA

CM402 450: KXFX0387A00(KXFX03DPA01)

CM402 460: KXFX03NGA00

CM402 185: N610070338AA

CM402 199: N610070079AB

CM402 205A: N610000995AA

CM402 115: KXFX04MTA00 (KXFW1BDAA00)

M602 Nozzle

N610017371AC  NOZZLE 110S

N610017372AC  NOZZLE 115AS

N610017373AC  NOZZLE 120S

N610017375AC  NOZZLE 130S

N610043702AA  NOZZLE 140S

N610040786AA  NOZZLE 225CS

N610040787AA  NOZZLE 226CS

N610040788AA  NOZZLE 230CS

N610043815AA  NOZZLE 235CS

N610040853AA  NOZZLE 240CS

N610017370AC  NOZZLE 205S

N610030510AC  NOZZLE 206AS

N610038265AB  NOZZLE 203ZS


N610058431AA  NOZZLE 161S

N610148258AA  NOZZLE 256CS

NPM Nozzle

1001N: N610098969AA

1002N: N610098970AA

1003N: N610098971AA

1004N: N610098972AA

1005N: N610098973AA

161SN: N610126849AA

226CSN: N610119480AB

230CSN: N610119484AB

235CSN: N610119485AB

240CSN: N610119486AB

140N: N610099376AA

184N: N610126914AA

185N: N610119411AA

199N: N610119407AA

230CN: N610119493AB

235CN: N610119496AA

240CN: N610119499AB

5490N: N610128655AA

5435N: N610128601AA

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Shenzhen Xiangwei Electronic & Technology Co., Ltd.

Specialize in SMT parts more than 5 years; Mainly supply Panasonic nozzle, feeder, motor, sensor, valve, etc; All products are original with high quality; Our price is competitive and delivery is fast

Shenzhen, China

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  • Phone 86-13632917273

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