Panasonic KXFX05BVA00 2405 nozzle

Panasonic KXFX05BVA00  2405 nozzle

Panasonic KXFX05BVA00  2405 nozzle


Panasonic KXFX05BVA00 2405 nozzle

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panasonic KXFX05BVA00 2405 nozzle


Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

panasonic KXFX05BVA00  2405 nozzle

N610040784AA  CM602 230C NOZZLE

N610043814AA  CM402 235C NOZZLE

KXFX04N0A00  CM402 205A NOZZLE

KXFX05V2A00  CM402 206A NOZZLE

KXFX0383A00  CM402 110 NOZZLE

KXFX037NA00  CM402 115A NOZZLE

KXFX0384A00  CM402 120 NOZZLE

KXFX0385A00  CM402 130 NOZZLE

KXFX03DMA00 KXFX0386A00 CM402 140 NOZZLE

N610004673AA  CM402 161 NOZZLE

N610004677AA  CM402 165 NOZZLE

KXFX049DA00  CM602 203 NOZZLE

N610038265AA  CM602 203ZS NOZZLE

N610040786AA N610040786AB CM602 225CS NOZZLE

N610040787AA  CM602 226CS NOZZLE

N610040788AA  CM602 230CS NOZZLE

N610043815AA  CM602 235CS NOZZLE

N610040853AA N610040853AD CM602 240CS NOZZLE

N610017370AC  CM602 205S NOZZLE

N610030510AC  CM602 206AS NOZZLE

N610017371AC  CM602 110S NOZZLE

N610017372AC  CM602 115AS NOZZLE

N610017373AC  CM602 120S NOZZLE

N610017375AC  CM602 130S NOZZLE

KXFX037SA00 KXFX037SA00 CM402 1001 NOZZLE

KXFX037TA00  CM402 1002 NOZZLE

KXFX037UA00  CM402 1003 NOZZLE

KXFX037VA00  CM402 1004 NOZZLE

KXFX037VA00  CM402 1004 NOZZLE

KXFX037WA00  CM402 1005 NOZZLE

KXFX037XA00  CM402 1006 NOZZLE

KXFX04VEA00  CM402 1216 NOZZLE

KXFX04S2A00  CM402 1157 NOZZLE


KXFX0387A00  CM402 450 NOZZLE

KXFX05ASA00  1479 nozzle

KXFX056AA00  1421 nozzle

KXFX05BVA00  2405 nozzle

KXFX05DRA00  2437 nozzle

KXFX05DRA00  2437 nozzle

KXFX05CTA00  2421 nozzle

CNT3227M  CM602 CNT(3.2*2.7mm)

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