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Samsung feeder spring J7066039A listed by ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited. Add your item for sale/wanted

Samsung feeder spring J7066039A

Samsung  feeder spring J7066039A

Samsung  feeder spring J7066039A


Samsung feeder spring J7066039A

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Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited Headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China, which is about 20 minutes to Shenzhen Airport. ZK was established in 2005, highly professional in SMT.

shenzhen, China


  • Phone 8615323874439
  • Fax 86075522144952

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Samsung feeder spring J7066039A Specs:

SM8mm feeder spring J7066039A

1  J70650948B LOCATION-FLANGE  SM1-MF08-006R1

2  J7065952A Y-ECCENTRIC-PIN  SM1-MF08-009

3  J7065953A STOP-PAWL  SM1-MF08-010

4  J72650152B DRAIN-GEAR  SM1-MF08-011R2

5  J70650954C DRAIN SHAFT-1  SM1-MF08-012R2

6  J70652570A DRAIN SHAFT-2  SM1-MF08-012-1

7  J7065959A LIMIT-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-017

8  J70650967C LOCKING-LIMIT  SM1-MF08-025R2

9  J70650969B SWING-LINK-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-027R1

10  J7065972A SPROCKET-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-031

11  J72650154B VINYL-ROLLER  SM1-MF08-036R1

12  J70650976B VINYL-ROLLER-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-037R1

13  J7065977A TAPE GUIDE SHAFT1 SM1-MF08-038R1

J70661022A T-GUIDE SHAFT1 0402  SM1-MF08-038-1

14  J70650978C INSTALL-GUIDE1  SM1-MF08-040R2

15  J7065980A HANGER-SHAFT-GUIDE  SM1-MF08-042

16  J7065981A PROBER-COVER  SM1-MF08-043

17  J7065982A CABLE-COVER1  SM1-MF08-044

18  J70650988B LINK-SHAFT-COVER  SM1-MF08-051R1

19  J7065989A CABLE-COVER2  SM1-MF08-052

20  J70650990B CYL-BKT-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-053R1

21  J72650169D PCB-COVER  SM1-MF08-054R3

22  J7065992B BOTTOM-LOC-PIN  SM1-MF08-056R1

23  J70650993B DRAIN-BKT-SHAFT  SM1-MF08-057R1

24  J70650994B TOGGLE STOPPER  SM1-MF08-058R1

25  J70650995B TOGGLE SPG PIN  SM1-MF08-059R1

Becky Su

Skype: beckysmt

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