THK AFF 70G Grease SMT Lubricant

 THK AFF 70G Grease SMT Lubricant

 THK AFF 70G Grease SMT Lubricant


THK AFF 70G Grease SMT Lubricant

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Dongguan Yangling Electronics Co.,Ltd

 THK lubricants: AFA, AFB, AFC, AFE, AFF, AFG.AFJTHK models lubricating characteristics: AFA: high-speed movement section, low resistance, less heat oil. AFB: abrasion, extreme pressure, even when mixed with water, affecting less. AFC: Use Huangji prone to fretting wear, micro-vibration or movement of the meager travel environment. Easy to form a film with excellent abrasion resistance and wear resistance. AFE: dust is a very little oil, suitable for clean room, vacuum environments. AFF: AFE with similar ingredients, same performance, but less amount of dust. AFG: product loss due to heat generation at high temperature using a type of lubricant to reduce. THK series grease a large stock of low price! THK AFC 70 g / branch head FUJI Panasonic Yamaha special lubricants THK AFA, AFB, AFC, AFE, AFF, AFG, AFJ 70 g / branch, to provide special grease THK caterpillar oil gun MG70. Wholesale Yamaha grease, NSK PS2 LR3 NSL LG2 80G / support, NSK oil gun Guangdong Municipal Yang welcomed Used lowest wholesale suppliers of the company's SMT grease someone's cheaper than the authentic sources can provide SGS report. We have 50 kinds of oil, suitable for all SMT devices

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Dongguan Yangling Electronics Co.,Ltd

Yangling Established in 2005 specialized in SMT pick and place parts like nozzles, feeders, feeder parts, smt belt, components for Fuji, Samsung, Juki, Yamaha, Panasonic, Siemens and other brands .

Dongguan, China

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