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THK AFA Grease 70G

 THK AFA Grease 70G

 THK AFA Grease 70G


THK AFA Grease 70G

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Dongguan Yangling Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Dongguan Yangling Electronics Co.,Ltd

Yangling Established in 2005 specialized in SMT pick and place parts like nozzles, feeders, feeder parts, smt belt, components for Fuji, Samsung, Juki, Yamaha, Panasonic, Siemens and other brands .

Dongguan, China

Cleaning, Distributor, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Components, Pick and Place

  • Phone 86-139-2682-6479
  • Fax 86-769-85358433

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THK AFA Grease 70G Specs:

Yanglin gcompany sold a variety of SMT lubricants (Dongguan Yang Ling company specializes in DAPHNE EPONEX GREASE NO.1, NO.2, NO.3, Multemp SRL, LRL  PS2, Three Bond 2706 Degreasing agents, BIRAL T & D, VG-HT, BIO-30, NSK series grease LR3, PS2, AS2, SKF LGMT 2 / 0.2, SKF LGMT 2 / 0.4, Multi-Purpose grease, SHELL EP NO.2, THK series grease AFC, AFA, AFB, AFE, AFF, AFG, Nippon oil, gearbox cooling oil M-150, KLUBER ISOFLEX Kluber brand HT-220, HT-320, HT-460, NBU15, IEL / V, NCA52, GB2, Matsushita various types of grease, high-temperature reflow oven chain oil, white oil, cylinder seals, O rings special oil,  the Japanese Oven cleaning agents, the United States CRC precision electrical cleaners, Japan TCS-3670-118 temperature chain oils, etc.

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