Omron E3Z-T61


Omron E3Z-T61

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Eusens Control System Co.,Ltd

This model E3Z-T61 is one kind of Built-in Amplifier Sensor, and Compact Photoelectric.

known as popular models in the factory industrial sensor industry. The Manufacturer can sell 1 million Every year.

because it is the most popular built-in amplifier sensor models in the we can send you with a very competitive price and fast delivery time.

It widely be used in SMT, Automatic Carpark Control System, thiefproof system etc.

E3Z-T61 Performance

Sensing method Through-beam

Model NPN  Pre-wired E3Z-T61 E3Z-T62 E3Z-T61A

output Connector  E3Z-T66 E3Z-T67 E3Z-T66A


PNP  Pre-wired E3Z-T81 E3Z-T82 E3Z-T81A

output Connector  E3Z-T86 E3Z-T87 E3Z-T86A


Sensing distance 15 m 30 m 10 m

Spot diameter  (reference value)

Standard sensing object min. diameter: 12-mm

Minimum detectable object  (reference value)

Directional angle From receiver to emitter

3 to 15°

Light source (wavelength) Infrared LED  Red LED

(870 nm) (660 nm)

Current consumption 35 mA max. (Emitter: 15 mA

max., Receiver: 20 mA max.)

Protection circuits Reversed power supply protection

Output short-circuit protection

and Reversed output protection

Response time Operate  Operate   

or reset:  or reset:   

1 ms  2 ms   

max. max.  

Degree of protection IEC, IP67

Connection method Pre-wired cable

Weight  Pre-wired cable  Approx. 120 g

(packed  (2 m)

state) Connector Approx. 30 g

Material Case  

Lens Modified polyarylate

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Eusens Control System Co.,Ltd

We are one supplier of industrial automation products in the SMT automation equipment field.the components mainly are sensors, servomotor with the brand of Panasonic,Omron etc.

Guangzhou, China

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  • Phone 86-13318727899

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