Yamaha 37W valve KM1-M7163-20X

 Yamaha 37W valve KM1-M7163-20X

 Yamaha 37W valve KM1-M7163-20X


Yamaha 37W valve KM1-M7163-20X


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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Ltd

KING FEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED is specialized in supply Surface-Mount Technology pick & place equipments and supports most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections

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(430) SMT parts, accessories & PCB supplies items

Yamaha 37W valve KM1-M7163-20X Specs:

VALVE Blow valve KV8-M7535-01X VALVE  KGB-M7163-A0X   37W+44W+13W KV8-M7163-A0X  37W+44W+13

A010E1-37W/54W /KM1-M7163-20X(37W

A010E1-44W /KM1-M7163-30X44WAME05-E2-PSL-13W /KM5-M7174-11X

A040-4E1-56W VALVE (FOR U/D)/KV8-M7162-11XA040-4E1-54W  VALVE (FOR U/D)/KM1-M7162-10X

A010E1-35W/55W  VALVE  KM1-M7162-20X/KV8-M7162-20XKM1-M7163-20X   A010E1-37WKM1-M7163-21X   A010E1-54W

KM1-M7163-30X   A010E1-44WKGA-M7111-H0X   A041E1-48W 88X

KM5-M7174-11X   AME05-E2-PSL-13WKV7-M7111-B0X    A041E1-11-48W

KM1-M7162-20X   A010E1-35W

KV8-M7162-20X   A010E1-55WKV8-M7162-10X   A040-4E1-56W

KM1-M7162-11X   A040-4E1-54W

KU0-M3410-41X   A010E1-32W


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