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Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452C Miniature Bearing

Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452C Miniature Bearing

Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452C Miniature Bearing


Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452C Miniature Bearing

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Ltd

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT  WPH3083/AWPH3088 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT    AWPH3083/AWPH3088 Original Used

FUJI  CP642/CP643   COUPLING   K10023/K10025   Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original used X Axis ALLSCREW  WSX4021

FUJI  CP642/CP643  Z Axis BALLSCREW  AWSZ8020/AWSZ8043 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original new X Axis BALL SCREW  WSX4021

FUJI  CP642/CP643  X Axis COUPLING    WSX4390 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Y Axis  COUPLING    WSY4430 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original New  X Axis (COVER SCREW)CSSX0030

FUJI  CP642/CP643  Y Axis(COVER SCREW)WSY4460 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643  PAM   MPJ2220 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643  VGA (CABLE)       K40101 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 VGA (CAMERA CCD IK54F)    K1133X     Original used

FUJI  CP642/CP643 VGA  (LENS)            R4040A Original Used

FUJI  CP642/CP643  CCD (CAMERA CCD XC-75)  K1129T  Original used

FUJI  CP642/CP643  CCD(LENS)  R4023E/R4023C     Original used     

FUJI  CP642/CP643  VISION    4800

FUJI  CP642/CP643 CPU      HIMV-134 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Servo board    IS70B/IS70C

FUJI  CP6/CP6    Z Axis Motor        SGM-02A3FJ23

FUJI  CP6/CP642  18ST  SGM-02A3FJ12

FUJI  CP6/CP642   FQ/FRQ 10ST/12ST Motor SGM-01A3FJ12

FUJI  CP643/CP643 FQ/FRQ 10ST/12ST Motor SGMAH-01AAA-FJ21

FUJI  CP643/CP643     Z Motor        SGMAH-04AAA-FJ21

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder PCD245-NB-D24**

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder  PCD2413-NB-D24**

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder A12PD25-1P

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve H10661(F15T4-F4-PL3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve ACSQL0230(F10T2-PS3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve ACSQL0240(F10T4-PS3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder WPA5152/WPA5150

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder valve  WPA5142/WPA5140

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder  S2085H

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Vacuum valve     WPH1182/WPH1181

FUJI  CP642/CP643 JIONT shaft    AWPH8011/AWPH8012

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT     AWPH3120   

FUJI  CP642/CP643 HOLDER       AWPH3115/AWPH3111

FUJI  CP642/CP643  H4452C

FUJI  CP642/CP643   WPH2030

FUJI  CP642/CP643  COUPLING  K10005Z

FUJI  CP642/CP643  SHAFT     WPH1281

FUJI  CP642/CP643 CLUTCH      WPH0385

FUJI  CP642/CP643 PLATE,END WPA5160 H31811  

FUJI  CP642/CP643          W1019T     

FUJI  CP642/CP643 18ST      AWPM8020

FUJI  CP642/CP643 ROLLER           GPH4491

FUJI  CP642/CP643           R1016A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 17ST19ST AMP     A1042T

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Tape Feeder   H3009A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Tape Feeder A1042A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 12ST 17ST 19ST     S40541/S4054Y/S4054W

FUJI  CP642/CP643 12ST 17ST 19ST  (AMP LIFIER) A1042T

FUJI  CP643/CP743 Loading unit  (FIBER UNIT)H30011

FUJI  CP643/CP743 Loading unit  (AMP LIFIER)A1038L

FUJI  CP642/CP643  (FIBER UNIT) CSQC5381(FU-2254/FS-L41)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 (AMP LIFIER)A10622

FUJI  CP643/CP643ME IN Carrier CSQL0261(ORK16X635-407WY)

FUJI  CP643/CP643ME OUT Carrier CSQL0271(ORK16X615-406WY) 

FUJI  CP642/CP643    A1037W     (KSHA6X15-47W)

FUJI  CP642/CP643    S20655     (CDAS16X15 )

FUJI  CP642/CP643 WPK0312/WPK0241


FUJI  CP643/CP743 S3141B(DL-S3R)CSQC1340(DL-S7507)CSQC1350(DL-S7507D)





FUJI  CP642/CP643 (BELT TIMING) H4521F/H4521T/H4521N/H4475Z

FUJI  CP642/CP643 (BELT TIMING) H45190/WPA5101/H4519W/WPA5091

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KING FEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED is specialized in supply Surface-Mount Technology pick & place equipments and supports most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections

dongguan, China

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