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Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452 listed by Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452

Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452

Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452


Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452

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Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Ltd

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,Ltd

KING FEI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED is specialized in supply Surface-Mount Technology pick & place equipments and supports most major brands of electronic assembly equipments with a large selections

dongguan, China

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Fuji CP6 bearing IKO BK81015A H4452 Specs:

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT  WPH3083/AWPH3088 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT    AWPH3083/AWPH3088 Original Used

FUJI  CP642/CP643   COUPLING   K10023/K10025   Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original used X Axis ALLSCREW  WSX4021

FUJI  CP642/CP643  Z Axis BALLSCREW  AWSZ8020/AWSZ8043 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original new X Axis BALL SCREW  WSX4021

FUJI  CP642/CP643  X Axis COUPLING    WSX4390 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Y Axis  COUPLING    WSY4430 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Original New  X Axis (COVER SCREW)CSSX0030

FUJI  CP642/CP643  Y Axis(COVER SCREW)WSY4460 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643  PAM   MPJ2220 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643  VGA (CABLE)       K40101 Origianl new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 VGA (CAMERA CCD IK54F)    K1133X     Original used

FUJI  CP642/CP643 VGA  (LENS)            R4040A Original Used

FUJI  CP642/CP643  CCD (CAMERA CCD XC-75)  K1129T  Original used

FUJI  CP642/CP643  CCD(LENS)  R4023E/R4023C     Original used     

FUJI  CP642/CP643  VISION    4800

FUJI  CP642/CP643 CPU      HIMV-134 Original new

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Servo board    IS70B/IS70C

FUJI  CP6/CP6    Z Axis Motor        SGM-02A3FJ23

FUJI  CP6/CP642  18ST  SGM-02A3FJ12

FUJI  CP6/CP642   FQ/FRQ 10ST/12ST Motor SGM-01A3FJ12

FUJI  CP643/CP643 FQ/FRQ 10ST/12ST Motor SGMAH-01AAA-FJ21

FUJI  CP643/CP643     Z Motor        SGMAH-04AAA-FJ21

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder PCD245-NB-D24**

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder  PCD2413-NB-D24**

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder A12PD25-1P

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve H10661(F15T4-F4-PL3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve ACSQL0230(F10T2-PS3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Valve ACSQL0240(F10T4-PS3-DC24V)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder WPA5152/WPA5150

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder valve  WPA5142/WPA5140

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Cylinder  S2085H

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Vacuum valve     WPH1182/WPH1181

FUJI  CP642/CP643 JIONT shaft    AWPH8011/AWPH8012

FUJI  CP642/CP643 SHAFT     AWPH3120   

FUJI  CP642/CP643 HOLDER       AWPH3115/AWPH3111

FUJI  CP642/CP643  H4452C

FUJI  CP642/CP643   WPH2030

FUJI  CP642/CP643  COUPLING  K10005Z

FUJI  CP642/CP643  SHAFT     WPH1281

FUJI  CP642/CP643 CLUTCH      WPH0385

FUJI  CP642/CP643 PLATE,END WPA5160 H31811  

FUJI  CP642/CP643          W1019T     

FUJI  CP642/CP643 18ST      AWPM8020

FUJI  CP642/CP643 ROLLER           GPH4491

FUJI  CP642/CP643           R1016A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 17ST19ST AMP     A1042T

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Tape Feeder   H3009A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 Tape Feeder A1042A

FUJI  CP642/CP643 12ST 17ST 19ST     S40541/S4054Y/S4054W

FUJI  CP642/CP643 12ST 17ST 19ST  (AMP LIFIER) A1042T

FUJI  CP643/CP743 Loading unit  (FIBER UNIT)H30011

FUJI  CP643/CP743 Loading unit  (AMP LIFIER)A1038L

FUJI  CP642/CP643  (FIBER UNIT) CSQC5381(FU-2254/FS-L41)

FUJI  CP642/CP643 (AMP LIFIER)A10622

FUJI  CP643/CP643ME IN Carrier CSQL0261(ORK16X635-407WY)

FUJI  CP643/CP643ME OUT Carrier CSQL0271(ORK16X615-406WY) 

FUJI  CP642/CP643    A1037W     (KSHA6X15-47W)

FUJI  CP642/CP643    S20655     (CDAS16X15 )

FUJI  CP642/CP643 WPK0312/WPK0241


FUJI  CP643/CP743 S3141B(DL-S3R)CSQC1340(DL-S7507)CSQC1350(DL-S7507D)





FUJI  CP642/CP643 (BELT TIMING) H4521F/H4521T/H4521N/H4475Z

FUJI  CP642/CP643 (BELT TIMING) H45190/WPA5101/H4519W/WPA5091

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