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Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet listed by Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet

Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet

Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet


Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet

Part Number:

104858BL064(10485BL014) 12*4mm Emboss MSR Feeder


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

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Panasonic Component Panasert MSR Ratchet Specs:

Panasonic SMT Component

Panasert MSR Ratchet Type Component Feeder

104858BL064(10485BL014) 12*4mm Emboss

MV2F / MV2VB K shape high speed small T) ·8w*2P Paper 10488BB150(10488BB070)

·8W*4P Paper 10488BB152(10488BB072)

·8W*4P Enboss 10488BB154(10488BB074)

·12W*4P Enboss 10488BC013(10488BC012)

·12W*8P Enboss 10488BC016(10488BB017)

MV2F / MV2VB K shape high speed big T

·8W*2P Paper 10488BD151(10488BD055)

·8W*4P Paper 10488BD152(10488BD056)

·8W*4P Enboss 10488BD154(10488BD059)

·12W*4P Enboss 10488BC013

·12W*8P Enboss 10488BC015

MV2F / MV2VB Q shape

·8w*2P Paper X708PC082C single reel

·8W*4P P/E X708PB084C  single reel

·12W*4P Enboss X708PA124S

·12W*8P Enboss X708PA128S


·8W*2P Paper 10488BF200

·8W*4P Paper 10488BF191

·8W*4P Enboss 10488BF192

·12W*4P Enboss 10488BF193

·12W*8P Enboss 10488BF194

·16W*8P Enboss 10488BF137

·16W*12P Enboss 10488BF138

·24W*12P Enboss 10488BF072

·24W*16P Enboss 10488BF073

·24W*20P Enboss 10488BF074

·32W*12P Enboss 10488BF079

·32W*16P Enboss 10488BF080

·32W*20P Enboss 10488BF021

·32W*24P Enboss 10488BF082

·44W*12P Enboss 10488BF086

·44W*16P Enboss 10488BF027

·44W*20P Enboss 10488BF088

·44W*24P Enboss 10488BF089

·44W*32P Enboss 10488BF031

·56W*12P Enboss 10488BF095

·56W*16P Enboss 10488BF036

·56W*20P Enboss 10488BF097

·56W*48P Enboss 10488BF103

·72W*28P Enboss 10488BG003


·8W*2P Paper 10485BL151  single reel

·8W*4P P / E 10485BL153  single reel

·8W*2P Paper 10485BL055 double reel

·8W*4P P / E 10485BL056  double reel

·12W*4P Enboss 10485BL163

·12W*8P Enboss 10485BL066

·16W*8P Enboss 10485BL070

·16W*12P Enboss 10485BL071

·24W*12P Enboss 10485BL075


·8W*2P Paper N610014231AA BM  double reel


·8W*4P P/E N610016060AA BM  double reel


·8W*2P Paper 10896BF061 MSF double reel

·8W*4P P/E 10896BF066 MSF double reel

·8W*2P Paper 10896BF074 single reel

·8W*4P P/E 10896BF071 single reel

·12MM Enboss FAE1200MA300

·16MM Enboss FAE1600MA300

·24MM Enboss FAE2400MA300

·32MM Enboss FAE3200MA300

·44MM Enboss FAE4400MA300

·56MM Enboss FAE5600MA300


·8W*2P Paper E9B5CS

·8W*2P Enboss E9A5NS

·8W*4P Paper E9B1CS

·8W*4P Enboss E9A1NS

·12W*4P Enboss A9C1CV

·12W*8P Enboss C9C2CV

CM202 / CM301

·8*2MM P / E M9A5NWM0000 double reel

·8*4MM P / E M9A1NWM0000 double reel

·8*2MM Paper M9B5CVM0000

·8*4MM Paper M9B1CSM0000

·8*4MM Enboss M9A1CSM0000

·12*4MM Enboss M9C1CVM0000

·12*8MM Enboss M9C2CVM0000

·16*8MM Enboss M9D2CVM0000

·16*12MM Enboss M9D3CVM0000

·16*8MM Enboss M9D2DVM0000

·16*12MM Enboss M9D3DVM0000

·24*12MM Enboss M9E3CVM0000

·24*16MM Enboss M9E4CVM0000

·24*12MM Enboss M9E3DVM0000

·24*16MM Enboss M9E4DVM0000

·32*12MM Enboss M9F3CVM0000

·32*16MM Enboss M9F4CVM0000

·32*12MM Enboss M9F3DVM0000

·32*16MM Enboss M9F4DVM0000

·44*12MM Enboss M9H3CVM0000

·44*16MM Enboss M9H4CVM0000

·44*12MM Enboss M9H4DVM0000

·44*16MM Enboss M9H4DVM0000

CM402 / CM602

·8mm KXFW1KS5A00 with sensor

KXFW1KSBA00 without sensor

·12/16mm KXFW1KS6A00 with sensor

KXFW1KSCA00 without sensor

·24/32mm KXFW1KS7A00 with sensor

KXFW1KSDA00 without sensor

·44/56mm KXFW1KS8A00 with sensor

KXFW1KSEA00 without sensor

·72mm KXFW1KS9A00 with sensor

KXFW1KSFA00 without sensor

·stick KXFW1KSRA00

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