Fuji nxt h04 0.7nozzle

Fuji nxt h04 0.7nozzle

Fuji nxt h04 0.7nozzle


Fuji nxt h04 0.7nozzle


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* Supply original new and used SMT spare parts.

* Supply Copy new SMT spare parts.

* Supply SMT relate equipment.

* Supply  SMT ancillary products and tools.

* Repair Service.

Look for any SMT parts, please just contact yoky. We will do our best for you with competitive price and wonderful service.


Email: smt@smtplaza.com

Skype: yokyhuang

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1 H08/H12 AA1AT04 Nozzle R07-003-070

2 H08/H12 AA05603 Nozzle R07-004-070

3 H08/H12 AA05703 Nozzle R07-007-070

4 H08/H12 AA05803 Nozzle R07-010-070

5 H08/H12 AA20A03 Nozzle R07-013-070

6 H08/H12 AA20B03 Nozzle R07-018-070

7 H08/H12 AA20C03 Nozzle R07-025-070

8 H08/H12 AA20D03 Nozzle R07-037-070

9 H08/H12 AA20E03 Nozzle R07-050-070

10 H08/H12 AA06404 Nozzle R07-013M-070

11 H08/H12 AA19G04 Nozzle R07-018M-070

12 H08/H12 AA06504 Nozzle R07-025M-070

13 H08/H12 AA0WT05 Nozzle R07-025G-070

14 H08/H12 AA18C02 Nozzle R07-037G-070

15 H08/H12 AA06302 Nozzle R07-050G-070

16 H04 AA06W07 Nozzle R19-010-155

17 H04 AA06X08 Nozzle R19-013-155

18 H04 AA06Y08 Nozzle R19-018-155

19 H04 AA06Z09 Nozzle R19-025-155

20 H04 AA07A09 Nozzle R19-037-155

21 H04 AA07B08 Nozzle R19-050-155

22 H04 AA07C06 Nozzle R19-070-155

23 H04 AA07D05 Nozzle R19-100-155

24 H04 AA07E06 Nozzle R19-150-155

25 H04 AA07F07 Nozzle R19-025G-155

26 H04 AA07G05 Nozzle R19-037G-155

27 H04 AA07H05 Nozzle R19-050G-155

28 H04 AA07K05 Nozzle R19-070G-155

29 H04 AA07L05 Nozzle R19-100G-155

30 H04 AA07M07 Nozzle R19-150G-155

31 H01 AA0AS05 Nozzle R36-010-260

32 H01 AA06807 Nozzle R36-013-260

33 H01 AA0HS02 Nozzle R36-018-260

34 H01 AA0HT02 Nozzle R36-025-260

35 H01 AA0HW02 Nozzle R36-037-260

36 H01 AA0HX02 Nozzle R36-050-260

37 H01 AA08008 Nozzle R36-070-260

38 H01 AA08107 Nozzle R36-100-260

39 H01 AA08207 Nozzle R36-150-260

40 H01 AA08307 Nozzle R36-200-260

41 H01 AA0MZ02 Nozzle R36-013M-260

42 H01 AA11R02 Nozzle R36-018M-260

43 H01 AA0ML03 Nozzle R36-025M-260

44 H01 AA08411 Nozzle R36-025G-260

45 H01 AA08509 Nozzle R36-037G-260

46 H01 AA07209 Nozzle R36-050G-260

47 H01 AA07311 Nozzle R36-070G-260

48 H01 AA07410 Nozzle R36-100G-260

49 H01 AA07511 Nozzle R36-150G-260

50 H01 AA07610 Nozzle R36-200G-260

XP142/XP143/XPF Nozzle

ADNPN8303/AGFPN8401 0.4mm

ADNPN8313/ADNPN8370/AGGPN8412 0.7mm

ADNPN8233/ADNPN8238/AGGPN8422 1.0mm

ADNPN8243/ADNPN8248/AGGPN8432 1.3mm

ADNPN8240/ADNPN8346/AGGPN8482 1.3melf

ADNPN8253/ADNPN8258/AGGPN8442 1.8mm

ADNPN8263/ADNPN8268/AGGPN8452 2.5mm

ADNPN8250/ADNPN8356/AGGPN8492 1.8melf

ADNPN8260/ADNPN8366/AGGPN8502 2.5melf

ADNPN8273/ADNPN8278/AGGPN8462 3.7mm

ADNPN8283/ADNPN8288/AGGPN8472 5.0mm

AGFPN8052 1.0mm

AGFPN8062 1.3mm

NXT H12 nozzles list

AA05600 0.4mm

AA05700 0.7mm

AA05800 1.0mm

AA20A00 1.3mm

AA20D00 3.7mm

AA0WT00 2.5G

AA18C00 3.7G

AA20E00 5.0A

AA06300 5.0G

AA06400 1.3melf

NXT H04 Nozzles list

AA06W00 1.0mm

AA06X00 1.3mm

AA06Y00 1.8mm

AA06Z00 2.5mm

AA07A00 3.7mm

AA07G00 3.7G

AA07H00 5.0G

AA07C00 7.0mm

AA07K00 7.0G

AA07D00 10.0mm

AA07L00 10.0G

AA07M00 15.0G

NXT H01 Nozzles list

AA0HS00 1.8mm

AA08500 3.7G

AA08000 7.0mm

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Glenrothes, Scotland

  • Phone +44 (0)1592 773208
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Fluid Dispense Pump Integration