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Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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* Supply original new and used SMT spare parts.

* Supply Copy new SMT spare parts.

* Supply SMT relate equipment.

* Supply  SMT ancillary products and tools.

* Repair Service.

Look for any SMT parts, please just contact yoky. We will do our best for you with competitive price and wonderful service.


Email: smt@smtplaza.com

Skype: yokyhuang

PH:86 15986644926

CP SHAFT:ADGPH4303 CP7 HOLDER:ADCPH3011 CP7 SHAFT  DGPH3300 CP7 MCHA7-25-12-LZ3(ADCPA8132) CP7 UV DCPH0140/DCPH0150  CP7 SHAFT:ADGPH4300 CP7 S2209A CP 0.7mm DCPH8520 CP7 1.0mm DCPH8530 CP7 1.3mm DCPH8540 XP142 STOPPER:DNPH2100 XP142:H13384 XP142 PAM  XP242:DEEM5462/DEEM5461 XP142:DEEM5391/DEEM5392 XPSENSOR S40321:DL-S4R XPDEQC0220 L=3155 XP141/XP142/XP24* XP241 XP142 PIN:ADNPH8171() XP142/143 PISTON:AGFPH8014 XP143E 1.0mm:AGFPN8052 XP143E 0.7mm:AGFPN8180 XP143E NOZZLE3.7mm:AGFPN8092 XP142 NOZZLE 0.4mm:ADNPN8303 XP142 NOZZLE 0.7mm:ADNPN8313 XP142 NOZZLE 1.0mm:ADNPN8233 XP142 NOZZLE 1.3mm:ADNPN8243 XP142 NOZZLE 1.3melf:ADNPN8240 XP142 NOZZLE 1.8mm:ADNPN8253 XP142 NOZZLE 2.5mm:ADNPN8273 XP142 NOZZLE 3.7mm:ADNPN8263 XP142 NOZZLE5.0mm:ADNPN8283 XPF NOZZLE 0.4mm:AGGPN8402 XPF NOZZLE 0.7mm:AGGPN8412 XPF NOZZLE 1.0mm:AGGPN8422 XPF NOZZLE 1.3mm:AGGPN8432 XPF NOZZLE 1.3melf:AGGPN8482 XPF NOZZLE1.8mm:AGGPN8442 XPF NOZZLE 2.5mm:AGGPN8452 XPF NOZZLE 5.0mm:AGGPN8472  XP ADNPJ8030 XP DNPH2130 XP2 H1007D XP2 H1007G XP142XP143 DNSY1332 XP SGMAS-01A2A-FJ41 XP SGDM-01ADA XP SGDM-04ADA CP7 NOZZLE 0.7mm DCPH9522 CP7 NOZZLE 1.0mm DCPH9532 CP7 NOZZLE 1.3mm DCPH9542 CP7 NOZZLE 1.3  CP8 LED DGGC1010 HPX-H1-019 E3X-NH11 CP8 HOLDER:ADGPH8112  CP7 TABLE H3004T,H3004X  CP7 UV LAMP 4800 VISION  HIMV-923A2-5 FSC-30F JZMMC-CP200A HIMV-134-C FH1001B AVME-132.BF FH1017A QP242 HOLDER QP242SCU-100 SGDM-01ADA SGDM-02ADA SGDM-04ADA IK-C40MS K1132A 2PCS  CP MARK K1132M 3PCS PCS241 CP42, CP43 S5077A CP43 S5078A 32PCS CP43 CP43 USAREM-05FJ12 1PCS CP43 USAREM-01CFJ12 1PCS IK-541 CS8320 CS8420I-30 CS3500 XC-75 XC-77 CP4 XC-77 CP43,CP6mark 4PCS CP42 V2.10 V2.78 FIP-1 T2.04 FIP-II V2.12 HOVER DAVIS R1016A30PCS CP3 NA20-6BF CP3 Q NA20-1.5F-G10  CP43 X USASEM-08FJ21  CP43 X USASEM-08FJ22 CP43 IS70B 8PCS 1931  VM1540 FH1001   CP6 shaft WPH3120 CP6 shaft WPH3120 JUSP-OP02A-1 CP642,643  GPH4490、GPH4491 KYENCE AP-40ZA CP6,643mark IK-C41MF HOLDER  CP6HOLDER WPH3102 CP6 B PIN ADCQK8020 CP6 A PIN ADCQK8010 CP6 HOLDER WPH3102  CP6 WPH1182 CP6 H4452C  CP6 PCD245 CP6 PCD2413(H1068Z) CP6 S20655 16*15 CP6 K1005Z CP6 WPA5142 CP6 WPA5152  CP6 S2085H CP6 HOLDER:AWPH3115 CP6)WPK0240 CP6 WPK0312  CP643A12PD25-1L-Z CP6 4800 VISION CP6 JOINT WPL8012 CP6 HPX-T1(A1042T)  CP6 TABLE H3009A  CP6 H3009A  CP6 WPH2030 CP6 WPH2030 CP6 SENSOR:ZG553A S4040X EE-SPX306-W2A EE-SPX305-W2A EE-SPX406-W2A S4040Y EE-SPX405-W2A PVF-CR CP6 WSX0021 LSO1000 IS70B FCS-30D MX250RV01 VM1440 EB004-2 FH1017A FH1015A CP6 V1.63 CP6 V3.10 K2094T MX250RC44 K2063A VME520 HIMV-924AX FH1016A 924A 311F TL-W3MC1 FH1016A HIMV-924A2 FSC-30F HIMV 134-C CPU CP6f HOLDER WPH3102 S20655 CP6 0.7mm WPH8291 CP6 1.3mm WPH8311 CP6 1.0mm WPH8301 CP6 2.5mm WPH8201 295-5GT-9 (H4521F) 464-8YU 872-8YU 728-8YU-20(H45190) 8YU-25(H4519W) TABLE WGZ1271 TABLE WGZ1281 CP643 L=2590 CSQC0700 CP6 L=3110 MQC1033 CP642 L=3285 WQC5091 CSQC3160 L=2465 BTPT0980 L=1130 BHQC0150 L=1180 FUJI L=2960 FUJI L=3250 FUJI L=2625 FUJI L=2000 FUJI BELTL=1020 FUJI  L=1460 CP64L =2325(CSQC2190) CP6 SHAFT  FUJICALIBRATION MX100 MX100 CM91 24V DC IN IO 24V DC IN IO CP6 SLEEVE WPH0924 CP6CP7 8MM*2MM EX4-LS30RE CP6 K1005Z FUJI BELT E3X-NH11CP643/CP7 CSQC5371 CP6 MARK CP6CP7 8MM*2MM GEAR CP6 JOINT AWPL8012 CP6 1.8MM CP6 M150 SENSOR:DL-S3R CP6 12*4,12*8,12*12MM FEEDER CP6 16*4,16*8,16*12MM FEEDER CP6 24*8,24*12,24*16MM FEEDER CP6 32MM*8MM,32*16MM,32MM*24MM FEEDER  CP6 WPA5160(PBR8FN) CP6 K10023K10025 CP643TABLE CSS1411(CRB-18W) K1091A CFS-05 WPH3120 CP642, CP643 F10T4-PS3 CP6CP642CP643 MEMORY  CP643 FQFRQ SGDM-01ADA CP643 ZSGDM-04ADA CP643  CP643 SGDM-02ADA CP6/CP7 8MM * 2MM CP6/CP7 8MM * 4MM 1 CP6 X:SAM1030 (USASEM-15FJ11) 2 CP6 shaft WPH3120 2 3 JUSP-OP02A-1 4 CP642,643 GPH4490、GPH44916 KYENCE AP-40ZA 7 CP6,643mark IK-C41MF 8 HOLDER 9 CP6 HOLDER WPH3102 10 CP6 B PIN ADCQK8020 11 CP6 A PIN ADCQK8010 12 CP6 HOLDER WPH3102 13 shaft CP6 WPH1182 15 CP6 H4452C SHAFT17 CP6 PCD245 18 CP6 PCD2413(H1068Z) S20655 16*15 20 CP6 K1005Z 21 CP6 WPA5142 22 CP6 WPA5152  24 CP6 S2085H 25 CP6 HOLDER:AWPH3115 26 CP6 WPK0240 27 CP6 WPK0312 28 CP6 4800 VISION 29 CP643 A12PD25-1L-Z 30 CP6 4800 VISION 31 CP6 JOINT WPL8012 32 CP6 HPX-T1(A1042T)PX7-CR 34 CP6 R1016A 35 CP6 LED FL10D 36 CP6 1.3mm WPH9534 37 CP6 38 CP6 JOINT WPU0212 39 CP6 CLUTCH:WPH3084/3085 40 CP6CLUTCH:WPH3084/3085 41 CP6 CLUTCH WPH0412 42 CP6 PIN WPH2120 43 CP6 CLUTCH:WPH3084/3085 44  45PCD2413 46 CP6 HOLDER AWPH3115 47 CP6 WPA5152 48 CP6 S2085H 49 CP6 WPH1182、1181 50 CP6 WPH1284 51 CP6 0.7mm WPH9514 CP6 1.0mm WPH9524 54 CP6 CAMERA XC-75 55 8*4 MCA0738 56 FUJI 8MM57 FUJI 8MM 58 CP6 TABLE H3009A 59 CP6 60 CP6 H3009A 61 FUJI  62 CP6 WPH2030 63 CP6 WPH2030 CP6 SENSOR:ZG553A S4040X EE-SPX306-W2A  EE-SPX305-W2A  EE-SPX406-W2A  S4040Y EE-SPX405-W2A PVF-CR CP6 WSX0021  LSO1000  XP143 pin DNPH8171 12 PCS; XP143 pin DNPH8181  XP143 STOPPER DNPH2100,  XP143/XP243 XP142/XP242 PART CCD 1 PCS; XP142/XP242 MARK CCD 1 PCS;

CP7 BELT H4475Z、H4518A、N641371、WPA5101、WPA5090、H45190、H4519W、CLC4400、H4520K、H4577A、H4578A、H4579A、H4580A、H485T、BHPP1441、H10669、PPT0980、H4476L、H4521A、H4459T、H4453H、CBC0340、H4500H、H4523A、H4497A、H4512A、MPD6720、H4521M、H4580M、H4521K、H4475T、WSY0900 174-3GT-6、1947-3GT-9、6-T5-3110、171ML、2100-3GT-9、160XL、872-8YU-22、1072-8YU-22、728-8YU-20、464-8YU-25、8YU 5GT、384-3M-6、360-5GT-55、580-5GT-15、710-5GT-40、960-5GT-40、545-5GT-9、F15T2-F4-PL3-DC24V、97.5-1.5GT3、B150MXL、XA-PBL=1100 5X1.1T、600P8M25、130XL037、480P8M25、1129P8M40、385-5GT-25、960-5GT-40、295-5GT-9、1947-3GT-9、600-5GT-15、1290-3GT-15、1734-3GT-15、393-3GT-15、243-3GT-6、303-3GT-15、1290-3GT-6、2200-5GT-9、1290-3GT-15、1374-3GT-15、 1700MM、1855MM、1050MM、75081X9 405-5GT-9、75072X9 360-5GT-9、7M670、545-5GT-9 75109X9、B83MXL4.8、92MXL、B150MXL4.8、1590MM、3155MM、1093MM、6-XL-1955.80 J-8D0833(WC)TY-V、  KJAC0192、KJAC1110、MCA0538、MCA0620、MQC0860、 ABFCA3100、ABFCB3108、ABFCC3302、ABFCD3300、ABFCF3301、ABFCG3305、ABFCH3307 AKJBC7040、AMCB3403、AMCB4002、AMCC3108 AKJAC9030、AKJAC9040、AMCA4201、AMCA4300、AKJAC9080、ALPC8040、ALPC8032、AMCB4403 AKJAC9141 AWCA3906 MQC1033 3110mm MQC1033 3110mm YQC0210 3200 MQC1031 3110MM WQC5591 3250mm CSQC2190 2325MM CSQC3160 2465MM DCQC0320 DCQC0320 DGQC0290 DGQC0290 DGQC0700 PQC0314 2960 BTPT0980 1130MM MQC3480  2625MM MQC6203 3145MM MQC6203 3145MM YQC0211 WQC5091 3285mm WQC6070 3265MM CSQC0700 2590MM CSQC3080 2575MM DCQC0320 DCQC0320 DGQC0260 DGQC0290 DGQC0700 PQC0304 2850MM BTQC0091 1500MM DEQC0220 DBPP0310 BHQC0151 DGQC0290 DBPQ0270 DEQC0220 DEQC0230 :S3122A、E3S-LS3C1D PPT0863、H4459H、BTPT0980、BHQC0150、H4462A、JQC4312、BHPP1441、CLQC1040、H4465A、BSQC1090、NQC3200、H4466A、CLC9391、NQC3201、CLQC2050、BTQC0091、H4469A、BHPP5060、BSQC1090、BHPP6060、LQC1283、QMQ1093、QUQ0050、CLC4402、CLG6650、LQC1273、CSQC3160、CSQC3080、CSQC0700、MQC3480、KQC7060、PQC0304、H4474A、PQC0314、YQC0211、MQC1032、MQC6201、DEQC0220、LQC1590、CLC6350、WQC5591、WQC5090、H4463A、H4521T、H4521N、H4453H、H4521F、H4515T、H4516A、H4516T、 DGQC0290、DEQC0220、H4459H、H4476N、H4476G、H4476K MCA0041、MCA0103、MCA0112、MCA0122、WCD0330、AWCD4201、MCD0042、WCD0310、WCD0300、MCD0260、WCD0400、 AWCC4601、WCC0501、WCA0211、WCA0222、AWCF3601、WCF0040、WCA0080、MCA0051、MCA0064、MCA0280、MCF0090、MCF0070、MCF0100、MCA0152、MCA0166、MCF0030、WCA0160、MCA0132、WCC0133、WCC0350、WCA0440、WCF0180、WCA0092、WCA0100、 WCA0113、WCA0120、MCF0110、MCF0120、WCC0070、BFCA0570、BFCF0351、S1021A、 S1022A、W1021A、W1022A、W1011H、W1054T、H20620、N1076A、N1080A、K5357T、K5359M、H5289A、K5257A、AWCF4902、WCF0286、MCC0030、MCC0041、MCB0300、H4342T、H4343A、WCF0071、WCF0252、AWCF4400、WCF0290、WCD0350、MCA0041、 MCA0103、MCA0112、MCA0122、WCD0330、WCF0320、WCF0260、WCF0270、H4444A、AWCF4701、MCF0010、WCF0350、WCD0300、MCF0311、MCF0321、AMCF3801、MCF0330、MCF0350、MCF0362、WCF0392、WCB0590、 AWCG3502、WCG0015、MCC0030、MCC0041、MCB0300、H4342T、WCG0251、AWCG4200、WCG0310、WCG0320、WCG0040、AWCG3601、WCG0020、WCG0031、WCG0040、AWCG4000、WCG0150、WCG0100、AWCG4101、WCG0160、MCF0350、AWCC3705、WCC0124、WCA0211、WCA0222、AMCF3901、MCF0321、MCF0341、MCA0680、MCF0321、MCC0451、MCA0064、MCA0280、MCF0090、WCG0170、WCF0252、WCG0140、MCF0100、MCA0152、WCG0180、WCG0190、MCA0132、WCC0350、WCA0440、WCF0180、WCF0260、WCF0270、H4444A、WCA0092、WCA0100、WCA0113、WCA0120、WCG0200、WCG0210、WCC0070、BFCA0580、BFCA0600、BFCA0680、BFCG0160、S1021A、S1022A、W1021A、W1022A、 W1011H、W1054T、H20620、N1076A、N1080A、K5357T、K5359M、H5289A、K5257A、WCG0350、AWCG4402、WCG0371、WCG03 MPH0101、1164H、H1164T、H1165A、H1166A、H1166T、H1167A、H1167D、H1167H、GPH3741、GPH3970、H4101A、GPH3651、GPH3050 GPH3950、ABTRG1152、

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Glenrothes, Scotland

  • Phone +44 (0)1592 773208
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Non-heated dispensing system

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