DEK squeegee SQA355 400MM

DEK  squeegee SQA355 400MM

DEK  squeegee SQA355 400MM


DEK squeegee SQA355 400MM

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DEK squeegee SQA355 400MM


General Purpose Equipment

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

SQY ASSY(60deg*170mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG  SQA300

SQY ASSY(60deg*200mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA301

SQY ASSY(60deg*250mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA302

SQY ASSY(60deg*300mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA303

SQY ASSY(60deg*350mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA304

SQY ASSY(60deg*400mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA305

SQY ASSY(60deg*440mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA306

SQY ASSY(60deg*483mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA307

SQY ASSY(60deg*510mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA308

SQY ASSY(60deg*535mm)METAL :15mm OVERHANG   SQA309

170mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 129924

200mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 129925

250mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 133584

300mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 133585

350mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 129926

400mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 133586

440mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 129927

483mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 133587

510mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 133588

535mm metal squeegee blade   DEK 129928

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

Supply SMT Equipments and Spare Parts. Large storage, Good Price, and Best Service.

Shenzhen, China


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