Juki MCM boards E9609729000

Juki MCM boards E9609729000

Juki MCM boards E9609729000


Juki MCM boards E9609729000

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JUKI MCM boards E9609729000


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

JUKI 2050  XY Drive card  PN 40062552       XY AMP BOARD

JUKI 2050   ZCT  drive card  PN 40062555       ZT DRIVER

JUKI 700   LASER card          PN 40003261       ZT JHRMB

JUKI2050-2070                  PN 40052398       BU DRIVER ASM

  JUKI 2070                  PN 40044539       SERVO AMP 2000W Y AXIS

  JUKI 2050-2070 CPU          PN 40003280       CPU BOARD

  JUKI 2010-2060 LASER Board  PN E9609729000     MCM board

  JUKI 2050 XMP board          PN 40003259         XMP CPCI

  JUKI 2050-2070IP-X3 PCB        PN 40001920         IPX3 PCB ASMA

  JUKI 2050-2070I/O control card PN 40001943         IO CTRL PCB ASM

  JUKI 2050-2070 BASE feeder PCB PN 40001941         BASE FEEDER PCB ASM

  JUKI 2010-2070 hand holder   PN E9649729000       HOD ASM

  JUKI 2050               PN 40001926     HEAD MAIN PCB ASM

  JUKI 2050 conveyer    PN 40001947     CARRY PCB ASM

  JUKI 2070  PN 400011942      SAFETY PCBASM

  JUKI 2070  laser board  PN 40044519       IEEE1394 BOARD

  JUKI 730-760 XY servo driver   PN KM000000030     SERVO DRIVER

  JUKI 750     T servo driver  PN KM000000060     SERVO DRIVET

  JUKI 730-760            PN E8607721OAO    HEAD MAIN BASE ASM

  JUKI 2010-2040  XY driver  PN E9626729000      DRIVERER(FOR 4SHAFT MNLA)

  JUKI 2010-2040 ZCT driver  PN E9626729000      DRIVER(FOR 4SHAFT MNLA)

  JUKI 2010-2040           PN E86132729BAD    HEAD MAIN PWB B ASM

  JUKI 730-760   I/O card  PN E86047210BO     IO CONTROL PWB SET

  JUKI 730-760   SUP CPU  PN E86017210B0     SUB CPU  SET 

  JUKI 730-760   IMG-P board  PN E86107210A0      IMG-P    

  JUKI 2010-2040 CPU board  PN E9656729000       CPU BOARD

  JUKI 2010-2040  I/O card  PN E86077290C0        I/O CTRL PWB

  JUKI 2010-2040  BASE feeder board  PN  E8627290C0        BASE-FEEDER BOARD ASM

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Dongguan KingFei Technology Co.,ltd

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Shenzhen, China


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