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Panasonic CM402 FEEDER PARTS K87-M111A-000

Panasonic CM402 FEEDER PARTS  K87-M111A-000

Panasonic CM402 FEEDER PARTS  K87-M111A-000


Panasonic CM402 FEEDER PARTS K87-M111A-000

Part Number:

CM402 FEEDER PARTS K87-M111A-000


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

Model Year:






Offered by:

Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.


K87-M111A-000                                      SPRING

K87-M111E-000                                      SPRING

K87-M111H-20X                                      BACK STOPPER

K87-M111P-00X                                      SCREW FLAT HEAD

K87-M1140-10X                                      TAPE GUIDE ASSY

K87-M1184-00X                                      CONNECT PIN

K87-M1199-000                                      DRIVE GEAR ASSY

K87-M119L-10X                                      IDLE ROLLER ASSY

K87-M11B9-00X                                      CIRCLIP E

K87-M11BF-00X                                      SCREW FLAT HEAD

KW1-M114A-00X                                     HAND LEVER ASSY

KW1-M1191-00X                                     DRIVE ROLLER UNIT

KW1-M1191-00X                                     DRIVE ROLLER UNIT

KW1-M1340-00X                                     TAPE GUIDE ASSY

KW1-M134T-00X                                     LEAF SPRING

KW1-M2240-00X                                     TAPE GUIDE ASSY

KW1-M229L-00X                                     IDLE ROLLER ASSY

KW1-M229L-00X                                     IDLE ROLLER ASSY

K87-M111B-00X                                      BACK STOPPER

KW1-M111A-00X                                     SPRING

KW1-M111E-00X                                     SPRING

KW1-M119K-00X                                     SPRING

K87-M111P-00X                                       SCREW, FLAT HEAD +

K87-M11BF-00X                                       SCREW, FLAT HEAD 1B

KW1-M114A-00X                                       HAND LEVER ASSY

KW1-M1191-00X                                       DRIVE ROLLER UNIT

K87-M111A-20X                                        SPRING

K87-M111E-20X                                        SPRING

K87-M112A-20X                                        RACKING LEVER ASSY

K87-M1140-10X                                        TAPE GUIDE ASSY

K87-M119K-20X                                        SPRING


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