Fuji NXT H08 H12 1.8M fuji nozzle

Fuji NXT H08 H12 1.8M  fuji nozzle

Fuji NXT H08 H12 1.8M  fuji nozzle


Fuji NXT H08 H12 1.8M fuji nozzle

Part Number:

AA19G09 AA0XE00


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

Model Year:





$ 20.00



Offered by:

Yangling smt CO.,LIMITED

Available in stork: 

NXT H01 Nozzle NXT H04 Nozzle

H01 1.0 AA0AS00 H04 0.7 AA06T00 H04 5.0S AA07S00

H01 1.3 AA74600 H04 1.0 AA06W00 H04 7.0S AA07T00

H01 1.8 AA74700 H04 1.3 AA06X00 H04 10.0S AA07W00

H01 2.5 AA74800 H04 1.8 AA06Y00 H04 15.0S AA07X00

H01 3.7 AA74900 H04 2.5 AA06Z00 H04 2.5G AA07F00

H01 5.0 AA75000 H04 3.7 AA07A00 H04 3.7G AA07G00

H01 7.0 AA75100 H04 5.0 AA07B00 H04 5.0G AA07H00

H01 10.0 AA80200 H04 7.0 AA07C00 H04 7.0G AA07K00

H01 15.0 AA80300 H04 10.0 AA07D00 H04 10.0G AA07L00

H01 20.0 AA80400 H04 15.0 AA07E00 H04 15.0G AA07M00

H01 1.3M AA80500 H04 2.5S AA07N00 H04 3.7S AA07R00

H01 2.5M AA80600 NXT H08 Nozzle

  H08 2.5 AA73900

H08 0.45 AA73400 H08 3.7 AA74000

H08 0.7 AA73500 H08 5.0 AA74100

H08 1.0 AA73600 H08 1.3M AA74200

H08 1.3 AA73700 H08 1.8M AA0XE00

H08 1.8 AA73800 H08 2.5M AA74300

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Yangling smt CO.,LIMITED

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