Panasonic 206AS NOZZLE

Panasonic 206AS NOZZLE

Panasonic 206AS NOZZLE


Panasonic 206AS NOZZLE

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Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.


CM402 nozzle:

1, CM402 110 nozzle: KXFX0383A00

2, CM402 115A nozzle: KXFX037NA00

3, CM402 120 nozzle: KXFX0384A00

4, CM402 130 nozzle: KXFX0385A00

5, CM402 140 nozzle: KXFX0386A00

6, CM402 161 nozzle: N610004673AA

7, CM402 205 nozzle: KXFX04N0A00

8, CM402 206A nozzle: KXFX05V2A00

9, CM402 225C Nozzle: N610040782AA

10, CM402 226C Nozzle: N610040783AA

11, CM402 230C Nozzle: N610040784AA

12, CM402 235C Nozzle: N610043814AA

13, CM402 240C Nozzle: N610062681AA

14, CM402 450 nozzle: KXFX0387A00

15, CM402 203 nozzle

CM602 nozzle:

1, CM602 110S nozzle: N610017371AC

2, CM602 115AS nozzle: N610017372AC

3, CM602 120S nozzle: N610017373AC

4, CM602 130S nozzle: N610017375AC

5, CM602 140S nozzle: N610043702AA

6, CM602 161S nozzle

7, CM602 203ZS nozzle: N610038265AA

8, CM602 205S nozzle: N610017370AC

9, CM602 206AS; nozzle: N610030510AC

10, CM602 225CS nozzle: N610040786AA

11, CM602 226CS nozzle: N610040787AA

12, CM602 230CS nozzle: N610040788AA

13, CM602 235CS nozzle: N610043815AA

14, CM602 240CS nozzle: N610040853AA

DT401 nozzle:

1, DT401 1001 nozzle: KXFX037SA00

2, DT401 1002 nozzle: KXFX037TA00

3, DT401 1003 nozzle: KXFX037UA00

4, DT401 1004 nozzle: KXFX037VA00

5, DT401 1005 nozzle: KXFX037WA00

6, DT401 shaped nozzle

Company Information:

Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

Dongguan KINGSUN Technology is a company which mainly provide used and new SMT parts, provide repair SMT key parts service,new/used SMT machine trading, SMT consumables and Peripherals equipment, ESD products

Dongguan, China

Adhesives/Dispensing, Assembly, Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Inspection

  • Phone 008613168405881
  • Fax 0086-0769-33355254

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