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Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece listed by ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited. Add your item for sale/wanted

Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece

Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece

Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece


Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece

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Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

Company Information:

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited Headquarters are located in Shenzhen,China,which is 20 minutes to Shenzhen Airport.ZK was established in 2005,we have two categories.

shenzhen, China

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

  • Phone +86-0755-27801389

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Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece Specs:

Panasonic KXFB029SA00 piece

Our company is professional Supplier & Manufacturer of SMT(Surface Mount Technology) Spare Parts ,if you have any needs,please contact us in these ways:

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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Skype: harper55551

Tel: +86-0755-27801389




Alibaba: Shenzhen ZK Electronic Technology Co.,

Panasonic parts:

1 Board  N1F8SC1BSC  FS8000-SC1-B

2 Motor  KXF0DXEMA00  Z Axis 30W

3 Air Cylinder  KXFOCT9AA00  CQ2D63-35DC

4 Motor  KXF0DXE7A00  Z Axis 50W

5 Board  KXFE0008A00

6 Nozzle  KXFX037SA00  1001#

7 Cable  KXFP6E1AA00  

8 Valve  KXF0DX8NA00 

9 Motor  N510043555AA feeder 1.7w

10 Motor  N510048142AA feeder N510044462AA 9.6w

11 Motor  N510056943AA  6W

12 Board  KXFE0001A00  Head Z Axis

13 Head Board  KXFE0004A00  MC15/H8

14 Board  KXFE000EA00 

15 Nozzle  KXFX037VA00  1004#

16 Nozzle  N610017372AC  115S

17 Nozzle  N610038265AA  203ZS

18 Nozzle  N610000995AA  110S

19 Nozzle  KXFX05V2A00 206A

20 Nozzle  KXFX0556A00  235CS

21 Nozzle  KXFX0519A00  1327#

22 Nozzle  N610017370AC  205S

23 Nozzle  KXFX0386A00  140

24 Nozzle  N610040788AD  230CS

25 Nozzle  N610043815AD  235CS

26 Nozzle  N610017375AC  130S

27 Nozzle  N610040853AB  240CS

28 Cable  N510026295AA

29 Cable  N510026292AA

30 Motor  N510048981AA

31 Board  N610080208AA LED card KXFE000SA00

32 Board  KXFE006YA00

33 Board  N610012342AA

34 Cable Bare  KXF0DYE0A00

35 Cable Bare  KXP0E1H2A00

36 Manifold  KXFX03E3A00  VVQZ12-13-X70

37 Cable Bare  N510019992AA

38 Dust Filter  KXF0DKLAA00

39 Motor  N510005279AA  XAxis motor

40 Driver Unit  KXFP6GE1A00  40B

41 Board  N1F86316A  863 RC Card

42 Board  N1F2253A  FA-M00225-3A

43 Board  N1F82011F   NC Card FA8000-201-1F

44 Board  N1F8SC4C  SC Card FS8000-SC4-C

45 Board  N1F80102C  MMC Card FA8000-010-2C

46 Line Sensor  N310P945CS

47 Line Sensor  N310P94BS

48 Keyborad  N510023826AA

49Handymanometer  N447PG10-003

50 Dispenser For Grease  1046601000

51 Line Scale Adjueter  N903PWT17

52 Vaccum Valve  KXF0A1RAA00  VQZ115R-5M0-M5-PR

53 Valve  N510031729AA  VQZ1421-5M0-C6

54 Valve  KXF0DLKAA01  VK332-5HS-M5

55 Valve  KXF0DLLAA01  VK332V-5HS-M5

56 Valve  KXFX03WNA00

57 Pressure Sensor  N610027221AA   KXF0DWVXA01 VS5-8

58 Pressure Sensor  N610026749AA   KXF0DWVWA00 VS1-4

59 Pressure Sensor  N610001726AA

60 Beam Sensor  KXF0DKVAA00


62 Pressure Sensor  KXF0DWP5A00  Vaccum SENSOR

63 Sensor  KXF0DSUAA00

64 Belt  KXF0E0R1A00

65 Belt  KXF0DKEAA00

66 Belt  N510022408AA

67 Belt  KXF0DKGAA00

68 Belt  KXF0DX4CA00

69 Belt  N510002571AA

70 Belt  N510002569AA

71 Belt  KXF0DKFAA00

72 Belt  KXF0DKCAA00

73 Belt  KXFXDKDAA00

74 Belt  KXF0E14SA00

75 Motor  N510042740AA  3W P50BA2002BXS3C MOTOR

76 Board  N610090171AA  Head IO Card KXFE0005A00

77 Ejector  N454ZM12-003  ZM122H-M21

78 Regulator  KXF0BR6AA00

79 Magnet Contactor  KXFP6GFZA00

80 Air Cylinder  KXFODXFYA00  CJ2B16A-E9651-15

81 Photo Sensor  N310P914SB1

82 Relay Unit N310P922S2

83 Fiber Unit  N310E32DC200

84 Photo Sensor  N310P914B

85 Photo Sensor  N310P914

86 Photo Sensor  N310EESX674

87 Photo Sensor  N310PMR24   FEEDER SENSOR

88 Air Cylinder  KXFODXTSA00   CXS16-Z3112-10CDA

89 Air Cylinder  N610034897AA

90 Air Cylinder  KXF09JMAA00

91 Air Cylinder  KXF01NWAAOO

92 Bracket  104590909602

93 Nozzle Unit  108031010005 

94 PC Board  39932S0003 

95 Stepping Motor  N606PK26601B  PkU66-01B

96 Gas Spring  KXF0B1DAA00

97 Valve  KXFX03WMA00

98 Plate  N610082422AB

99 Optical Unit  N610077295AA   O16B 

100 Optical Unit  N610077291AA   I16B

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