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341696-02 Pneumatic unit S/F complete

334933S02 Gantry cables set S20

319704-03 Floppy/HDD unit KSP M349 A100

337609S02 Gantry cables set S23-S25

346192S02 Gantry cables set F5HM

351768-02 ICOS card MVS 340 V2

3009178-01 Twin head

118092-01 SMEMA Interface S25HM

355051-02 I/O Module 2

330037-07 Communication unit table HS50

336791S04 Component camera 24x24

321732S02 Servo card TDS120/12.5X

310946-03 Scanner head Y axis

310945-03 Scanner head X axis

341011S01 Z axis drive /DLM1

343442-02 Incremental shaft encoder Y axis HS50

344205-02 Servo amplifier TBS200/15Y

319826S05 Valve drive

334847-01 Switch ring

2102856-01 Test board U5-K7-0014

343252-03 Floppy/HDD unit KSP M44

320549-04 Component camera

320549-05 Component camera

334641-01 Servo amplifier TDS120/2.5Z

302842-01 Transport card

351768-02 ICOS card MVS 340 V2

317249-04 ICOS card MVS 100/83 w. 2272E EEPROMS

325460-01 Transport control card

374277-03 SW package WinXP machine & Siplace Pro w.license

341011S01 Z axis drive /DLM1

326142-01 Communication card

348264-02 Headboard HS50 v.6.02

348264-02 Headboard HS50 v.6.06

324351-01 TCP/IP card KSP COM 290

348264-02 Headboard HS50

315224-01 PCB camera

315224S06 PCB camera

321190-02 Gantry cable interface board

326142-02 Communication card KSP COM 350

3002113-01 CPU 0766@566MHZ/64MB

328492S03 DC/DC Converter 12V

314165-01 Servocard TRS 120/2Z

320312-01 KSP P 218 I/O card

321734-02 Servocard TDS 120/1D

321733-04 Servocard TDS 120/25Y

321732-02 Servocard TDS 120/12.5X

321736-03 Servocard TBS 120/2.5S

334641-01 Servocard TDS 120A/2.5Z

302849-01 Card

321734-02 Servocard TDS 120/1D

302847-01 Servocard TRS 120/10XL

325579S02 Transport control card

302849-01 Card

Current limiter (old style-S/F)

300577-06 Crash board

319907S01 RSF-Rotary sensor

335990S02 RSF-Rotary unit 12/DLM1

310946-02 Scanner head Y axis

310946-03 Scanner head Y axis

343442-01 Incremental shaft encoder Y axis HS50

332500-03 Sonar proximity switch Input belt, Tsp.1

326022-01 Sonar proximity switch Input belt 1

325460-01 Transport card

330648-04 Intermediate board

348267-02 Transport distribution board (under lifting table)

335519-03 Axis card HS50

326142-07 Communication card KSP COM 351

336689-01 Distributor board large axis

328606-01 Transport control card

334129S02 Head bracket S23/F5HM monted

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we offer service and spare parts for Siemens Siplace equipments.

Oradea, Romania

  • Phone 0040723351757

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