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GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspe

GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspe

GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspe


GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspe

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GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspection


Inspection Equipment

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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

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GIV600 Automatic Optical Inspection

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) uses lighting, cameras , and vison computers to make precise, repeatable, high-speed evaluations of a wide range of products. Human vision has limited accuracy and is slow, but is very flexible and easy to rain. Mechanical gauging is accurate and precise but slow, and cannot be used to evaluate changes in visual appearance – burn marks , for example.

AOI system can take millions of data points (pixels) in a fraction of a second. These data points are used for visual inspection and for precision measurement. With modest effort and cost, an AOI system can resolve about 25 microns. With increasing effort and cost, measurement resolution can approach a micron.

Typical applications for AOI include:

Gauging the diameters and concentricity of holes in automotive parts.

Insuring that lids and labels are properly applied to food and pharmaceutical products.

Evaluating molded parts against 3D CAD data.

Insuring that all parts are present in a product assembly.

Checking for cracks, flaws, contamination, scratches and other defects.

Reading barcodes or test (“Optical Character Recognition”)

Grading agricultural products such as seed corn or fruit.

Technology Parameters

PCB Size

40 x 40 mm to 500 x 600 mm

PCB Thickness

0.5 to 5mm

The height of max component


Width adjustment

Manual / Automatic

Testing item

Missing component ,misoriented component, error position, observe damage polarity error, insufficient solder, over solder jointing solder, IC solder, Chromatic circle testing ,OCR word identify bar , etc

Testing speed

15 cm2/s (20 cm2/s, optional)


0 to 360 degree

Camera resolution

Mini 15um/pels (20um/pels, optional)


CCD digital camera head

Identify bar code

Code 39, code 128, inter leaved 20f5,EAN12,PDF-417, Data Matrix

Operation system

Windows XP or Windows 2000 Chinese

Power Supply

AC220V, 50Hz

Environment temperature

5 to 39 degree

Environment humidity

5% to 90%

Platform height





1000 x 1000 x 1500mm, L x W x H

Optional components

Testing result printer, SPC module, offline program software


Stable transportation system

With AC servo motor system, guide rail and screw rod are THK products from japan

Positon automatically without CAD data

The Software can find components and program according chosen ways without CAD data of PCB

Special light technology

Strong study function automatically

All kinds of specification components don`t be disposal specially, they can be study within components frame, SRT-VT-100 software can disposal automatically according to different components. Solder tin study and IC welding feet study are finished automatically. It will take less than 20 minutes.

Simple manufacture environment requirement.

Don`t need set special components software, encapsulation software and others, the XY coordinates and BOM of PCB are ok.

Intelligent study

The system not only can get location parameter of IC feet, but also modify parameters in the program automatically, making testing data more general. It can reduce unjustice and improve accuracy.

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