GP1202 BGA Rework System

GP1202 BGA Rework System

GP1202 BGA Rework System


GP1202 BGA Rework System

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GP1202 BGA Rework System


Inspection Equipment

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Dongguan Kingsun Technology Co.,Ltd.

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1.Air flow and temperature is adjustable in a wide range to form high temperature breeze

2.The movable heating head is easy to operate, hot air head and mounting head are manually controlled, PCB sliding rack is micro-adjustable with X and Y axies

3.Color optical system with functions such as split vision, zoom in and micro-adjustment, autofocus and menu operation, and with aberration detecting device

4.Color LCD Monitor

5.Touch screen interface, PLC control, able to display temperature curves and two detecting curves at the same time

6.Two independent heating areas , temperature and time are digital displayed

7.Over-heating protection for the hot air heating head, temperature of hot air in the upper and infrared at the bottom is program controllable,

with 6 segments of temperature up(down) and 6 segments constant temperature control, 50 groups of temperature curve are stored,

curve analysis can be carried out on the touchscreen .

8.The supports for the BGA soldering supporting frame are micro-adjustable to restrain local sinkage in the soldering area.

9.Suction force of the built-in vacuum pump is adjustable, 360 degree rotation in Φ angle , mounting nozzle is micro-adjustable

10.Over-heating protection for the upper hot air heating head

11.Large IR pre-heating from the bottom, made of imported heater, will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep solder effect, heating board is independent controlled

12.Equipped with different alloy hot air nozzles (customizable), easy to replace.

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