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Yamaha Ya main parts Specs:

Ya main parts


Part Name:GUIDE (YV导轨滑块) (LWL9), YV100-2 PART No:K46-M9174-10X

Part Name:YV100 SENSOR,1-3 DZ-7232-PN1 PART No:KM0-M655F-10X

Part Name:YVL88 吸咀杆 PART No:KG7-M7173-A0X

Part Name:LEAF SPRING吸嘴彈片 PART No:KG7-M7137-A0X

Part Name:BACK-UP PIN (PCB顶针) PART No:

Part Name:YV112/YV180 PIN(顶针) PART No:

Part Name:YV100-2 吸咀杆 PART No:KM1-M710S-A0X

Part Name:CABLE (YV100-II X轴坦克链) PART No:KM0-M2267-20X

Part Name:SENSOR, HEAD ASSY (YAMAHA头部感应器) PART No:KV8-M7160-00X

Part Name:PIN (YV112顶针) PART No:

Part Name:SHAFT, HEAD ASSY (YV100II) PART No:KM9-M7107-00X

Part Name:GUIDE,CABLE (YV100-II Y轴坦克链) PART No:KM0-M2678-10X

Part Name:YV100 SENSOR,1-3 DS4R-50PN PART No:KM0-M655F-20X


Part Name:SHAFT轴套 (BALL SPLINE) PART No:KV8-M7106-00X

Part Name:SPLINE SHAFT, Spare (YV100II) PART No:KM1-M710S-A0X

Part Name:SPACER (YV工作头部长螺丝) PART No:90561-04J40

Part Name:AIR JOINT (FEEDER气座) PART No:KG2-M3407-A0X

Part Name:过滤棉盖子(FILTER CAP) PART No:KM5-M7174-F0X

Part Name:SPLINE SHAFT, Spare (YV100II 1# head) PART No:KM8-M710S-00X

Part Name:PLUG 1,ASSY PART No:KM8-M7103-A0X

Part Name:Push-in (YV100X) PART No:

Part Name:SC4-M5A SPCON汽缸接头 PART No:SC4-M5A

Part Name:STD.SHAFT, Spare (YV100X) PART No:KV8-M712S-10X

Part Name:PLUG 2, ASSY PART No:KM1-M7105-A0X

Part Name:YV100II Locate Pin滑块 PART No:KG9-M7136-00X

Part Name:YAMAHA 门磁铁 MAGNET, CATH 4 PART No:K93-M1388-00X

Part Name:YAMAHA YM系列 压料杆 PART No:

Part Name:PISTON,ASSY (活塞) PART No:KM1-M7104-A0X

Part Name:YV100X Locate Pin滑块 PART No:KV7-M9177-00X

Part Name:PLUG PART No:

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