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Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs listed by Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs

Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs

Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs


Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs


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Fuji cp6 feeder calibration jigs Specs:


Correction Model:Automatic

Product Information

Product parameters:12-inch LCD monitor with a cross-scale 50 times color CCD camera

The lens part: using professional high-definition magnified 50 times CCD

Front of the lens: equipped with infrared LED light, can be more clearly detected suction position

Slider: X, Y, Z axes are used imported sliders, hardness, easy to wear, adjustable stroke 15MM

Display: 7 inch special LCD display, or black and white display, large and small customers optional

Part of the circuit: solenoid valve used Japan SMC components, buttons used Fuji brand

Base: used 45 # steel imported carved from, and other heat-treated to enhance its hardness, ensure its accuracy

Calibrator base: using imported 16MM thick aluminum processing

Choose a variety of models such as FUJI,YAMAHA,SAMSUNG,SANYO,SONY,


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