I-Pulse Feeder calibration dig

I-Pulse  Feeder calibration dig

I-Pulse  Feeder calibration dig


I-Pulse Feeder calibration dig


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1, machine has simple structure, convenient operation, function optimization. And using high precision 0 gap guide, ensure the position stability, greatly improve the work efficiency.

2, precise detection. Taking position, height, pressure bar height, can be accurately measured. Can better grasp the quality status.

3, with 10 ' color LED display screen, circular LED lamp lighting, 50 times magnification CCD camera, make the structure more compact, beautiful. Effectively reduce eye fatigue, improve work quality.

4, convenient operation, and can simulate the placement machine, automatic continuous observation material position, can be a clear understanding of FEEDER continuous operation quality, thus more effective control of polishing material rate.

5, can choose a variety of models such as FUJI I-pulse

6, function and characteristics: 1, accurate X-Y axis adjustment; 2, can be directly adjusted by the camera axis; 3, built-in 220V DC power supply; 4, black and white cross reference cursor; 5, automatic and step function; 6, super bright LED display;

7, precision feeder control fixture;

8, precisely 8 * 2mm / 4mm / 16 * 12 * 24 * 8mm 8mm and feeder control tape.

Usage: FEEDER correction instrument for various models of FEEDER calibration specifications:

Power: 220V compressed air demand: 5kg / cm2 dimensions: length * width * 500mm 350mm 550mm: high weight of about 35kg





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