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Panasonic Panasonic AI Machine


Panasonic Panasonic AI Machine


Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Hong Kong

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Daiichi Industrial Company Ltd

Panasonic Panasonic AI Machine Specs:

We have Panasnic AI machine past for sales : RH2/RH3/RH5/RH6/RHU2/RHSG/AVK/AVK2/JVK/JVK2/JVK3...

Camera TM-7CN-386;DISPLAY P932-13  TM-10E(CV);MAGNIFIERNCS3310B/BV5195A4  CS3300P/BV5037F2;OPTICAL INPUT OUT Pnadac 610-08N/i8N/i16A ;PCB BOARD LA-M00001A ,LA-M00001B,LA-M00010B,LA-M00010C,LA-M00010F,LA-M00010G,LA-M00100C,LA-M00101D,LA-M00101F, RH PCB Board P770-02-D,781-104A,P730-31E,P730-4E,P730-32E,P767-02,P730-35SG,P730-71,P730-72,P730-73, 770-81-1,770-02-c,770A-82B,770-04-D,770-16-D,730-4D,730-5E, 770-80;MMI board LA-M00105-5F

SENSOR PHOTO Panadac 921B N310P921B;AUTO CORRECTION UNIT P937; SUB CONTROLLER Panadac P935-48UK, P937C,P950R, DRIVE CARD LA321021-H,LA321021-2,

AIR VALVE PCS245-NB-D24SP/PCS242;10-VQ110-5L0/VQ110-520...

In good condition,  new and used

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