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Juki NOZZLE 508 type E36077290A0

Juki NOZZLE 508 type E36077290A0

Juki NOZZLE 508 type E36077290A0


Juki NOZZLE 508 type E36077290A0


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Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd(leaderwaysmt)

Juki 508 nozzle for SMT KE2010~2080 machine

E3608-729-0A0 #500 ASS'Y(2-HOLES) 0.5/1.0

E3600-729-0A0 #501 ASS'Y Φ0.7/Φ0.2

E3601-729-0A0 #502 ASS'Y Φ0.7/Φ0.4

E3602-729-0A0 #503 ASS'Y Φ1.0/Φ0.6

E3603-729-0A0 #504 ASS'Y Φ1.5/Φ0.9

E3604-729-0A0 #505 ASS'Y Φ3.5/Φ1.7 PAD TYPE

E3605-729-0A0 #506 ASS'Y Φ5.0/Φ3.2 PAD TYPE

E3606-729-0A0 #507 ASS'Y Φ8.5/Φ5.0 PAD TYPE

E3607-729-0A0 #508 ASS'Y Φ9.5/Φ8.0 PAD TYPE

E365X-729-000 #500 TIP(2-HOLES) 0.5/1.0(Φ0.3)

E3651-729-000 #501 TIP Φ0.7/Φ0.2

E3654-729-000 #502 TIP Φ0.7/Φ0.4

E3655-729-000 #503 TIP Φ1.0/Φ0.6

E3656-729-000 #504 TIP Φ1.5/Φ0.9

E3658-729-000 #505 TIP Φ3.5/Φ1.7 PAD TYPE

E3660-729-000 #506 TIP Φ5.0/Φ3.2 PAD TYPE

E3661-729-000 #507 TIP Φ8.5/Φ5.0 PAD TYPE

E3662-729-000 #508 TIP Φ9.5/Φ8.0 PAD TYPE

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Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd(leaderwaysmt)

We offer all various of smt nozzle,smt feeder,smt filter,motor,sensor and so on.There are original used ,copy new and original brand new type to choose.

shenzhen, China

Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment, Manufacturer of Components

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