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Yamaha 303A/312A/314A/315A NOZZLE listed by Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Yamaha 303A/312A/314A/315A NOZZLE


Yamaha 303A/312A/314A/315A NOZZLE


Surface Mount Technology Equipment

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

Dongguan, China

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Yamaha 303A/312A/314A/315A NOZZLE Specs:

YAMAHA 303A/312A/314A/315A NOZZLE

YG200 NOZZLE 206A KGT-M7760-A0X YV100X/100XG/180XG 73 NOZZLE KV8-M7730-00X YG100 NOZZLE 214A KGS-M7740-A1X YG100 NOZZLE 212A KGS-M7720-A1X YG200 NOZZLE 203A KGT-M7730-A1X YGD ORIGINAL NOZZLE SHOT TYPE111 TYPE 112 TYPE 114 YV88X/88XG NOZZLE 61F KV7-M71N1-A0X KGA-M71N1-A0X YMH NOZZLE 71F KV8-M71N1-A0X YGD NOZZLE SHOT KV6-M7113-5XX YG12F NOZZLE 304A/315A KHY-M7550-A0X YMH CIRCLE NOZZLE 7F KV8-M87WK-A0X 12YMKV8M87WKA0X YG100 NOZZLE 213A KGS-M7730-01X YG100 NOZZLE 219A KGS-M7790-A1X YV100II NOZZLE 31A KM0-M711A-31X YMH LEAF SPRING KG7-M7137-A0X PN: 5322 492 * YG200 NOZZLE 202A KGT-M7720-A0X YMH NOZZLE 73F KV8-M71N3-A0X YMH NOZZLE 72F KV8-M71N2-A0X YMH NOZZLE 71A KV8-M7710-A0X YMH NOZZLE 74A KV8-M7740-A0X YMH NOZZLE 313A KHY-M7730-A0X YMH NOZZLE 72A PA 2962-48 KV8-M7720-A0X YMH NOZZLE 71F/72F/73F KV8-M713N-A0X KV8-M71U0-01X YMH NOZZLE 301A KHHN-M7710-A1X YMH NOZZLE 79A KV8-M7790-A0X YV64D/YV100D/HSDX/XG PICK UP NOZZLE KV6-M7113 YG12 NOZZLE 312A KHY-M7720-A0X YG12/YS12 NOZZLE 303A/314A KHY-M7740-A0 YMH NOZZLE 76A KV8-M7760-00X YG12/YS12 NOZZLE 311A KHY-M7710-A0X YG12/YG12F/YS12 NOZZLE 301A KHN-M7710-A1 YG200 NOZZLE 209A KGT-M7790-A0X YG200 NOZZLE 201A KGT-M7710-A0X YG100 NOZZLE 211A/212A/213A KGS-M7710-A1X YG12/YS12/YS24/YG300 NOZZLE 302A KHN-M7720-A1

if you need, please advise us your P/N,thanks in advance.

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