Fuji NXT smt nozzle

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Fuji NXT smt nozzle

Fuji NXT smt nozzle


Fuji NXT smt nozzle


Surface Mount Technology Equipment





Offered by:

Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

We can support all size and modle FUJI NXT nozzle.  Original and copy available

AA0AS00 Nozzle 1.0

AA06800 Nozzle 1.3

AA0HL00 Nozzle 1.8

AA0HM00 Nozzle 2.5

AA0HN00 Nozzle 3.7

AA0HR01 Nozzle 5.0

AA08000 Nozzle 7.0

AA08100 Nozzle 10.0

AA08200 Nozzle 15.0

AA08300 Nozzle 20.0

AA0MZ00 Nozzle 1.3m MELF

AA11R00 Nozzle 1.8m MELF

AA08410 Nozzle 2.5G with rubber pad

AA08500 Nozzle 3.7G with rubber pad

AA07200 Nozzle 5.0G with rubber pad

AA07310 Nozzle 7.0G with rubber pad

AA07410 Nozzle 10.0G with rubber pad

AA07510 Nozzle 15.0G with rubber pad

AA07610 Nozzle 20.0G with rubber pad

AA06W00 Nozzle 1.0

AA06X00 Nozzle 1.3

AA06Y00 Nozzle 1.8

AA06Z00 Nozzle 2.5

AA07A00 Nozzle 3.7

AA07B00 Nozzle 5.0    

AA07C00 Nozzle 7.0

AA07D00 Nozzle 10.0

AA07E00 Nozzle 15.0

AA22Y00 Nozzle 1.3m MELF

AA22Z00 Nozzle 1.8m MELF

AA07F00 Nozzle 2.5 with rubber pad

AA00G00 Nozzle 3.7 with rubber pad

AA00H00 Nozzle 5.0 with rubber pad

AA07K00 Nozzle 7.0 with rubber pad

AA07L00 Nozzle 10.0 with rubber pad

AA07M00 Nozzle 15.0 with rubber pad


AA1AT00 Nozzle 0.3

AA05600 Nozzle 0.4

AA05700 Nozzle 0.7

AA05800 Nozzle 1.0

AA20A00 Nozzle 1.3

AA20B00 Nozzle 1.8

AA20C01 Nozzle 2.5

AA0WT00 Nozzle 2.5G

AA20D00 Nozzle 3.7

AA20E00 Nozzle 5.0

AA06400 Nozzle 1.3m MELF

AA19G00 Nozzle 1.8m MELF

AA18C00 Nozzle 3.7G with rubber pad

AA06300 Nozzle 5.0G with rubber pad

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

Dongguan, China

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