Fuji CP6 feeder 8x2mm

Fuji CP6 feeder 8x2mm

Fuji CP6 feeder 8x2mm


Fuji CP6 feeder 8x2mm


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd(leaderwaysmt)

Fuji CP6/CP7 Feeder for SMT place and pick machine

FUJI CP6, CP7, XP142, XP143E feeder , IP3, QP2, QP3, XP243 pneumatic, electric feeder ;

CP6/CP7 / CP8/XP142/XP143 original hand 8MM * 2MM tape , adhesive tape used / new feeder ;

CP6/CP7/CP8/XP142/XP143 Original hand 8MM * 4MM tape feeder ;

CP7/CP8/XP142/XP143 12MM * 4MM, 12MM * 8MM, 12MM * 12MM, 16MM * 4MM, 16MM * 8MM, 16MM * 12MM, 24MM * 8MM, 24MM * 12MM feeder ;

CP6, CP7, XP142 12MM X 4MM, 16MM X 8MM, 16MM X 12MM new feeder

CP6/CP643: square cylinder WPA5152, SPCHA7-25-12-Z3B,

CP6/CP643: square cylinder with valve WPA5142;

CP6/CP642/CP643 round cylinder S2085H DAD25 X 40;

CP6/CP642/CP643 vacuum valve : WPH1182 original new / original used has

CP6/CP642/CP643 HOLDER: WPH3115;

CP6/CP642/CP643 gimbal : K1005Z, brass bearing H4452C;

CP6 JOIINT rod : WPL8012;

CP6 small SHAFT Black Rod : WPH3120;

CP6 cutter : Fixed knife WPK0241, events knife WPK0312, original new / domestic new has

CP6/CP642/CP643 anti feeder tilt sensor A1042A: PX7-CRD;

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Leaderway Industrial Co.,Ltd(leaderwaysmt)

We offer all various of smt nozzle,smt feeder,smt filter,motor,sensor and so on.There are original used ,copy new and original brand new type to choose.

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