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Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt

Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt

Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt


Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt


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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

FUJI CP6/CP7/CP643/CP743/XP/NXT Timing Belt H4453h H45095 H45732 H4574A H4518L H4453h Conveyor Belt

We supply FUJI machine such as CP6 CP7 CP643 CP743 XP NXT feeders nozzles belts motors drivers etc, welcome to inquiry.


H45730 TIMING BELT H45732 TIMING BELT0317C3-81121 CONVEYOR BELT L=231507JEC0-82132 CONVEYOR BELT L=1280110FC0-81060 CONVEYOR BELT L=3154(MQC6203)110GCO-81060 CONVEYOR BELT L=3095110HC0-81220 CONVEYOR BELT L=132511D1C0-86252 CONVEYOR BELT L=189011D1C0-86271 CONVEYOR BELT L=195011D5C0-86040 CONVEYOR BELT L=277011D5C0-86050 CONVEYOR BELT L=239011DEC0-81101 CONVEYOR BELT L=116511DGC2-81060 CONVEYOR BELT L=387511DHC2-81060 CONVEYOR BELT L=38201230C0-84120 TIMING BELT 230-2GT-915UKC2-81080 CONVEYOR BELT L=1035180GC0-82092 CONVEYOR BELT L=14852MDLCA00010 CONVEYOR BELT70095 FLAT BELT 159*4.57M615 FLAT BELT L=615BELT CSQC2190BHPP1440 BELT L=1285 QP2MAIN-CONVEYORBHPP1441 BELT L=1285 QP2MAIN-CONVEYORBHPP5060 BELT CONVEYORBHPP6060 BELT L=1685 PLM800/CONVEYORBHQC0150 BELT L=1180 QP2/IN-CONVEYORBHQC0151 BELT L=1180 QP2/IN-CONVEYORBRQC2050 BeltBRQC2060 BELT L=820 GP341/Main-Conv. BSQC1090 BELT L=1225 GP641/IN CONVEYORBTPT0980 BELT L=1130BTQC0090 CONVEYOR BELT L=1500 GL541CLC3090-S BELT L=2590CLC4400 BELT L=2255 FOR CAC-4100ACLC6350 BELT L=3255 FOR CAC-4200ACLC7300 BELT L=4255 FOR CAC-4200BCLC9390 BELT L=1455CLG6650 BELT L=2265CLG6653 CONVEYOR BELTCLN8300 BELTCLU1350 BELT L=1375 FOR MUC-3030BCSQC0700 BELT L=2590 CP643E/IN-CONVEYORCSQC2190 BELT L=2325 CP643E/OUT-CONVEYORCSQC3160 BELT L=2450DBPP0310 BELT L=1740DBPQ0270-U BELT, L=1900MMDDPP0230 NP-153E BELT MAINDDQC0110 NP-153E IN/OUT BELTDEQC0220 BELT L=3155DGQC0290 BELT L=1590DGQC0700 CONVEYOR BELT L=1590MMH45095 TIMING BELTH4453H BELT 7M670H4458A BELTH4458T BELTH4459H BELT TIMINGH4468C BELTH4472A BELTH4473A BELTH4474A BELTH4475 BELTH4475H BELTH4475N BELTH4475T BELT TIMINGH4475Z BELT TIMINGH4476L BELT TIMINGH4485A BELT TIMINGH4485T BELT TIMINGH4486H belt timingH4488Z belt timingH4497A BELT TIMINGH45005 BELT 204-2GT-4H4500A BELT P8M25H4500H BELTH4508A BELT TIMINGH4509K BELT TIMINGH4509L BELT TIMINGH4509M BELT TIMINGH4509R BELT TIMINGH4509X BELT 280-2GT-6H4515A BELT TIMINGH4515T BELT TIMINGH4516A BELT TIMINGH4516T BELT TIMINGH4517A belt timingH4518A BELT TIMINGH4518L BELT TIMINGH4518T BELT 1290-3GT-9H45190 BELT TIMINGH4519L BELT TIMINGH4519R BELT TIMINGH4519T BELT TIMINGH4519W BELT TIMINGH4520K BELTH4520M belt timingH4521F BELT TIMINGH4521K BELT TIMINGH4521M BELT TIMINGH4521N BELT TIMINGH4521T BELT TIMINGH4521X BELTH4567M BELT TIMINGH4572A-U BELT, 134-2GT-6H45731 BELT TIMINGH45732 BELT 204-2GT-6H45735 BELT TIMINGH4574A BELT TIMINGH45770 BELT TIMINGH4577A BELT TIMINGH4578A BELT TIMINGJE0112 BELT L=2950JE0275 BELT, 1191-P3M10JE0276 BELT, 240-P3M10JE0277 BELT, 116XL-050JE0278 BELT, 260XL-075JE0279 BELT, 279-P3M10JE0280 BELT, 3150-SP5MJE0281 BELT, 212-P2M6JE0282 BELT, 584-P8M25JE0283 BELT, 1020*0.6*03JE0284 BELT, L=284CMJE0285 BELT, L=108*4*1JE0286 BELT, 2250*6*3JE0287 BELT, L=1670*7*2.5JE0288 BELT, RTD339-3MJE0289 BELT, 2260*0.6*0.3JE0290 BELT, L=2840JE0291 BELT, 2200*6*1.5JE0292 BELT, L=2960MMJE0293 BELT, L=3040MMJE0294 BELT, L=1020JM0384 SHORT BELT B106MXL-3 FOR HOVER DAVIS FEEDERJM0385 LONG BELT B175MXL-3 FOR HOVER DAVIS FEEDERJM0496 BELT 500*12*0.6JM0660 BELT 1680*5*1.2JM0885 BELT L=2000*3MMJM0992 BELT 210XLJM0993 BELT greenL=3470JM0995 BELT greenJM0998 BELT greenJM0999 BELT blackJM1049 BELT, L=1670*6JM1126 BELTKPG0042 CONVEYOR BELTKQC7063 BELT L=2705KXF0E004A01 BELT L1580*8.5*0.7L1020T BELT L=1020TL1060 BELT L=1060L1340 BELT L=1340*11L1500 BELT L=1500*6.5L1600 BELT L=1600*6.5L1650T BELT L=1650L1800 BELT L=1800*6.5*1L2390C BELT L=2390-CL2500 BELT L=2500*5*1L25001 BELT L=2500*4*1L2770C BELT L=2770-CL32850C BELT L=32850-CL4255T BELT L=4255T

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We are please to introduce ourself- ,who is one of the SMT solution provider for Global customers, we can supply Automatic Insertion machines spare parts, SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB

Dongguan, China

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