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Fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp smt nozzle

Fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp smt nozzle

Fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp smt nozzle


Fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp smt nozzle

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fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp nozzle


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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

fuji xp142/xp143/cp/qp smt pick and place nozzles


Fuji NXT

P/N: AA05600

Des: Nozzle,H08 Yellow 0.45/0.3

P/N: AA05700

Des: Nozzle,H08 Blue 0.7/0.5

P/N: AA05800

Des: Nozzle,H08 Pink 1.0

P/N: AA20A00

Des: Nozzle,H08 Green 1.3

P/N: AA06400

Des: Nozzle,H08 Orange 1.3 Melf

P/N: AA20B00

Des: Nozzle,H08 Aqua 1.8

P/N: AA19G00

Des: Nozzle,H08 Orange 1.8 Melf

P/N: AA20C00

Des: Nozzle,H08 Purple 2.5

P/N: AA06W00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Pink 1.0

P/N: AA06X00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Green 1.3

P/N: AA06Y00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Aqua 1.8

P/N: AA06Z00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Purple 2.5

P/N: AA07F00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Purple 2.5 G

P/N: AA07A00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Yellow-green 3.7

P/N: AA07G00

Des: Nozzle,H04 Yellow-green 3.7 G

P/N: AA0AS00

Des: Nozzle,H01 Pink 1.0

P/N: AA05800

Des: Nozzle,H01 Green 1.3

P/N: AA0MZ00

Des: Nozzle,H01 Orange 1.3 Melf

P/N: AA06900

Des: Nozzle,H01 Aqua 1.8

P/N: AA11R00

Des: Nozzle,H01 Orange 1.8 Melf

P/N: AA07000

Des: Nozzle,H01 Purple 2.5


Fuji XP-141

P/N: ADEPN-8070

Des: Nozzle,0.7 / 0.38

P/N: ADEPN-8080

Des: Nozzle,1.0 / 0.65

P/N: ADEPN-8090

Des: Nozzle,1.3 / 0.9

P/N: ADEPN-8100

Des: Nozzle,1.8 / 1.2


Des: Nozzle,2.5 / 2.0


Des: Nozzle,3.75 / 3.0


Fuji XP-142/143

P/N: FJ-XP142-040

Des: Nozzle,0.4 / 0.25

P/N: ADNPN-8210

Des: Nozzle,0.7 / 0.38

P/N: ADNPN-8230

Des: Nozzle,1.0 / 0.65

P/N: ADNPN-8240

Des: Nozzle,1.3 / 0.9

P/N: ADNPN-8250

Des: Nozzle,1.8 / 1.2

P/N: ADNPN-8260

Des: Nozzle,2.5 / 2.0

P/N: ADNPN-8270

Des: Nozzle,3.75 / 3.0


Fuji CP4


Des: Nozzle,0.4 (12mm disk) taper tip

P/N: AMPH8710

Des: Nozzle,0.7 (12mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8720

Des: Nozzle,1.0 (12mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8730

Des: Nozzle,1.3 (12mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8740

Des: Nozzle,1.8 (12mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8750

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (12mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8760

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (25mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8770

Des: Nozzle,3.7 (25mm disc)

P/N: AMPH8780

Des: Nozzle,5.0 (25mm disc)


Fuji CP6

P/N: AWPH-9702

P/N: AWPH9510

Des: Nozzle,0.7 (12mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9520

Des: Nozzle,1.0 (12mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9530

Des: Nozzle,1.3 (12mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9540

Des: Nozzle,1.3 (12mm disc) Melf

P/N: AWPH9550

Des: Nozzle,1.8 (12mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9560

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (16mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9570

Des: Nozzle,3.7 (16mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9580

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (20mm disc)

P/N: AWPH9590

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (20mm disc) Melf

P/N: AWPH9600

Des: Nozzle,3.75 (20mm disc)


Fuji CP7/CP8

Des: Nozzle,0.4 (8mm disc)


Des: Nozzle,0.4 (8mm disc) taper tip

P/N: ADCPH9520

Des: Nozzle,0.7 (8mm disc)

P/N: ADCPH9530

Des: Nozzle,1.0 (8mm disc)

P/N: ADCPH9540

Des: Nozzle,1.3 (8mm disc)

P/N: ADCPH9700

Des: Nozzle,1.3 (8mm disc) Melf

P/N: ADCPH9550

Des: Nozzle,1.8 (16mm disc)

P/N: ADCPH9560

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (16mm disc)

P/N: ADCPH9800

Des: Nozzle,2.5 (16mm disc) Melf

P/N: ADCPH9570

Des: Nozzle,3.75 (16mm disc)


Fuji QP242

P/N: ABHPN-8510

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 0.7/12

P/N: ABHPN-8520

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 1.0/12

P/N: ABHPN-8530

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 1.3/12

P/N: ABHPN-8670

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 1.3/38

P/N: ABHPN-8540

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 1.8/12

P/N: ABHPN-8550

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 2.5/38

P/N: ABHPN-8560

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 2.5G/38

P/N: ABHPN-8570

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 3.75/38

P/N: ABHPN-8580

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 6.5G/47

P/N: ABHPN-8590

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 7.0/47

P/N: ABHPN-8600

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 10.0/47

P/N: ABHPN-8610

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 2.5/38F

P/N: ABHPN-8620

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 2.5G/38F

P/N: ABHPN-8630

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 3.75/38F

P/N: ABHPN-8640

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 6.5G/47F

P/N: ABHPN-8650

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 7.0/47F

P/N: ABHPN-8660

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 INDEX NOZZLE 10.0/47F

P/N: ABHPN-6217

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 1.0 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6227

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 1.3 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6237

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 1.8 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6248

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 2.5 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6718

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 2.5G L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6258

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 3.75 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6855

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 5G L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-8196

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 5G L=270(back)

P/N: ABHPN-6273

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 7 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6895

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 8G L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-8216

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 8G L=270(back)

P/N: ABHPN-6283

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 10L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6293

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 15 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6805

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 15G L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6705

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 17.5G L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6300

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 20 L=270F

P/N: ABHPN-6330

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 0.7 L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6750

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 6.5G L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6360

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 7 L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6810

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 7 L=100F

P/N: ABHPN-6770

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 10 L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6340

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 10G L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6821

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 10 L=100F

P/N: ABHPN-6780

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 15 L=185F

P/N: ABHPN-6831

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 15 L=100F

P/N: ABHPN-6790

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 20 L185F

P/N: ABHPN-6840

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 20 L100F

P/N: ABHPN-6850

Des: Nozzle,QP-2 NOZZLE SINGLE 23G (for BGA)


Fuji IP3

P/N: AQNA-3128

Des: Nozzle,1.0

P/N: AQNA-3139

Des: Nozzle,1.3mm (031-013-26)

P/N: AQNA-3148

Des: Nozzle,1.8mm (031-018-26)

P/N: AQNA-3159

Des: Nozzle,2.5mm (031-025-26)

P/N: AQNA-3169

Des: Nozzle,3.7mm (031-037-26)

P/N: AQNA-3179

Des: Nozzle,7.0mm (031-070-26)

P/N: AQNA-3189

Des: Nozzle,10.0mm (052-100-26)

P/N: AQNA-3199

Des: Nozzle,15.0mm (062-150-26)

P/N: AQNA-3200

Des: Nozzle,20.0mm (102-200-26)

P/N: AQNA-3219

Des: Nozzle,7.0mm (031-070-16)

P/N: AQNA-3229

Des: Nozzle,10.0mm (052-100-16)

P/N: AQNA-3239

Des: Nozzle,15mm (062-150-16)

P/N: AQNA-3240

Des: Nozzle,20.0mm (102-200-16)

P/N: AQNA-3259

Des: Nozzle,7.0mm (031-070-11)

P/N: AQNA-3269

Des: Nozzle,10.0mm (052-100-11)

P/N: AQNA-3279

Des: Nozzle,15.0mm (062-150-11)

P/N: AQNA-3280

Des: Nozzle,20.0mm (102-200-11)

P/N: AQNA-3294

Des: Nozzle,3.7mm (052-037-26)

P/N: AQNA-3303

Des: Nozzle,7.0mm (052-070-26)

P/N: AQNA-3313

Des: Nozzle,10.0mm (062-100-26)

P/N: AQNA-3323

Des: Nozzle,15.0mm (102-150-26)

P/N: AQNA-3333

Des: Nozzle,6.5mm (052-065-26)

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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

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