Casio smt pick and place nozzle

Casio smt pick and place nozzle

Casio smt pick and place nozzle


Casio smt pick and place nozzle


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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

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Casio smt pick and place nozzle Specs:

casio smt pick and place nozzles


Casio YCM-3300

P/N: S1

Des: Nozzle,0.7 (0.38)

P/N: S2

Des: Nozzle,1.1 (0.65)

P/N: S22

Des: Nozzle,1.2 (0.9)

P/N: S31

Des: Nozzle,2.0 (1.4)

P/N: NP1

Des: Nozzle,1.2 (0.4) for 1005

P/N: NP2

Des: Nozzle,1.2 (0.6) for 1608

P/N: P2

Des: Nozzle,1.2 (0.4) for 1005-3216

P/N: P7

Des: Nozzle,3.0 (1.0) for 3216-

P/N: No.04

Des: Nozzle,0.8 (0.5) for 1608-3216

P/N: No.05

Des: Nozzle,1.2 (0.9) for 2125-4532

P/N: No.06

Des: Nozzle,1.6 (0.9) for 3216-5650 etc.

P/N: No.07

Des: Nozzle,3.0 (2.3) for 5650-SOP


Casio YCM-7000,7700,7800,8800

P/N: H03 (H3M)

Des: Nozzle,0.3/0.5 (0.25)

P/N: HS1 (H1M)

Des: Nozzle,0.7 (0.4)

P/N: H2 (H2M)

Des: Nozzle,1.1 (0.65)

P/N: H06 / T06

Des: Nozzle,1.56 (1.0)

P/N: H7 / T7

Des: Nozzle,2.0 (1.4)

P/N: H07 / T07

Des: Nozzle,3.0 (2.3)

P/N: H21 / T21

Des: Nozzle,0.83 (0.45) Melf

P/N: H22 / T22

Des: Nozzle,1.22 (0.9) Melf

P/N: H23 / T23

Des: Nozzle,2.0 (1.4) Melf

P/N: H24 / T24

Des: Nozzle,3.0 (2.5) Melf

P/N: H31 / T31

Des: Nozzle,5.0 (3.0)

P/N: H32 / T32

Des: Nozzle,6.0 (4.0)

P/N: H33 / T33

Des: Nozzle,9.0 (7.0)

P/N: H34 / T34

Des: Nozzle,11.0 (9.0)

P/N: H35 / T35

Des: Nozzle,13.0 (11.0)

P/N: H36 / T36

Des: Nozzle,18.0 (16.0)

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