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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB board,feeder parts,motor,laser,feeder bank,feeder calibration jig ,ect) for Fuji, Hitachi, Juki, Panasonic(KME), Assembleon(Phillips), Sanyo, SIPLACE(SIEMENS), Universal and Yamaha.

Dongguan, China

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Fuji CP6 CLUTCH WPH0385 Specs:


ADCPH9512 ADCPH9692 ADCPH7514 ADCPH7694 NOZZLE ADCPH9522 ADCPH7524 NOZZLE ADCPH9532 ADCPH7534 ADCPH9542 ADCPH9702 ADCPH7544 ADCPH7704 ADCPH7744 ADCPH7753 ADCPH7792 ADCPH7802 ADCPH7822 ADCPH7760 DCPH8510 DCPH8520 DCPH8530 DCPH8540 ADCPH3270 H4581A DCPH0641 DCPH0810 DCPH0742 DGPH5650 ADGPH4306 ADCPH3266 ADGPH3301 SAM1701 SGMSH-50A2A-FJ11 DGSX0050 W3208-414PSX-C3Z25 DGSX0340 CSSX0030 SAM1711 DGSY0061 DGSY0370 DCSX0510 ADGSZ8010 SAM1720 DCGP0170 K11327 IK-54XF2 ADCGP8011 CAMERA, CCD DCPQ0270 SHAFT SPLINE DCPQ0011 PULLEY SAM6474 MOTOR, AC SERVO SGMAH-02A1A-FJ13 DCGC0242 LENS DCGC0252 DCGC0140 DCGC0150 LAMP, UV UVLAMP DGPK0050 CUTTER STATIONARY DGPK1481 CUTTER MOVABLE DCPM0470 SHAFT SPLINE ZB3527 DCPM0262 HOLDER SAM6518 MOTOR AC SERVO SGMAH-02A1A-FJ26 ADCPM8017 HEAD ASSY SAM6503 SAM6452 MOTOR AC SERVO ADCPA8112 ADCPA8122 ADCPA8132 ADCPA8143 ADGPA8142 CYLINDER ADCPA8151 ADCPA8161 ADCPA8171 ADCPA8181 VALVE SOL ADCPH3234 DCPA3010 VALVE SOL A12GD25-1L-Z DCPH0641 CLUTCH DCPH0201 SLEEVE DCPH0541 SHAFT DCPH0630 FILTER DCPH0680 VALVE DGPH0090 HOSE AIR ADGPH4301 ADCPH3010 HOLDER ADGPH3300 SHAFT S2210A CYLINDER AIR CDAS32X15-ZE202B2 S2209A CYLINDER AIR CDAS16X15-ZE202B1 CSQC4710 BKT SENSOR A1039X AMPLIFIER FS-V1 CSQC5381 FIBER UNIT FU-2254 CSQC4710 BKT SENSOR A1039A AMPLIFIER FS-V1 S3141B SW PHOTOELECTRIC DL-S3R S2209A CYLINDER AIR CDAS16X15-ZE202B1 DGSS0080 CYLINDER AIR DGSS0340 MANIFOLD SAM1700 MOTOR AC SERVO DGSX0050 BALL SCREW DGSX0150 COUPLING CSSX0030 COVER SCREW SAM1710 MOTOR AC SERVO DGSY0060 BALL SCREW DGSY0130 COUPLING DCSX0270 COVER SCREW ADGSZ8010 BALL SCREW SAM1720 MOTOR AC SERVO DCGP0170 LENS UNIT K11327 CAMERA CCD IK-54XF2 K4013A CABLE ADCGP8011 CAMERA CCD H3004T FIBER UNIT FU-2201(3500) A10627 AMPLIFIER SENSOR PS-T2 DCPQ0270 SHAFT SPLINE DCPQ0010 PULLEY DCPQ0180 ROD JOINT A1042T AMPLIFIE HPX-T1 SAM6474 MOTOR AC SERVO ADCPQ8011 SHAFT ADPCQ8021 SHAFT DCGC0241 LENS DCGC0251 LENS K1129H CAMERA CCD XC-55FT K4012H CABLE DTXC-12P05(5m DCGC0140 LAMP UV UVLAMP DCGC0150 LAMP UV UVLAMP DGPK0050 CUTTER STATIONARY DGPK0070 CUTTER MOVABLE DCPM0420 SHAFT DCPM0060 SHAFT SPLINE DCPM0261 HOLDER DCPM0300 CLUTCH DCPM0440 GEAR SPIRAL BEVEL SAM6515 MOTOR AC SERVO S40548 SENSOR FIBER HPF-S188-A A1042T AMPLIFIER HPX-T1 ADCPM8012 HEAD ASSY S2110K CYLINDER AIR CDQ2B50-15D-A93VL DGSX0260 BOLT DGSD5080 BALL SCREW K1001Z COUPLING LCD-90B 22X32 SAM1700 MOTOR AC SERVO SAM6452 MOTOR AC SERVO SAM6503 MOTOR AC SERVO DCPA0531 CYLINDER DCPA0541 CYLINDER DCPA0551 CYLINDER A1038T AMPLIFIER AP-70 K1005X SAM6474  DCPA0172 DCGC0140/0150 H4581A H4195A  ADCQK8010/8020  ADCPH3270 H4301FH4297F H4299A H4295A/H4402D  H4189Y/H4157R DGPA7150 H4578A H4577A H4579A H4580A H4509S H4575A H4574A H4576A A5011K S40321 S4052T S4041 S40445 S31207 S31208 S4045C S4045 A1040Z A1042Z A1039X A1039Z A10395 S4065A H3007H H30011 H3004T H3004X K1129H XC-55FT K11327 IK-554XF2  ADCPM8015 DGPU0180 DGPH5650 WCC0070 ADCQK8010  ADCQK8020 CSQC5152  CSQC5142  CSQC5162 CSQC0483  CSQC0484 ACSQL0230  ACSQL0240 ACSQL0250 CSQC5381  H30011 A1038L E3X-NH11 AWSZ8043 K4138N CSSS1411 AWSS8710  H1162T  YSS0540  YSS0570  H1167H CSQC-0771 H4476L FS-L71 S20655 S20657 WGZ1282  WGZ1272  WGZ2120  WGZ2110 H4475Z CSQC2190  CSQC0700 S31207  S31208  S3141B  CSQC1350 FH1017A  K20892 H1MV-924A  K20942 MX250RV01  WPK0260   WPK0271 K1091A. WAF4703 WPH0335 WPH1025 SAM6391 PIN  WPA0591 W1019T GPH4491 K4138X  AWPM8020 Shaft  AWPH3080  Holder AWPH3115  Holder K5261H WPK0313  WPK0241 WPA5142 WPA5152 PCD245-NB-D24**  S2085H  PCD2413-NB-  ZG553A  WPA1420 WPA1721 WPA1791  WPA1430 WPH2030 GVL-3250  WQL4080 S2113H  S3122Z S3122A S3141B S3138T WPH-1181 WPH-1350  WPH1163 WPL-5012 KA25*8 2-813W KA22*8 2-717W  WPL0061  WPM0391  WPU0331  WSS2049 S2100A CDM2B20-250-H7A1 H4452C  K10050  WPH0385 H3009A  H3007H  WPU0212  WPU0220 WPU0290 R1016A  K1132M IK-C41MS K4012A  K1131D XC-ST50  T4194A P300-E AWPL8012 AWPH3120 K1040T (TH704S)  H1083T  PCS244-NB-D24SP  H1077T MPJ2220 A1042A PX7-CRD A1042T HPX-T1 S4032T S4054Y K2094T MX250 RC44  VP4800(RJF-4M-A)  FIP-3(V2.36)  VP4800LS(V2.92) H2002Z K1068A. H4215H  H4214A  H4177A H3191E  WPA0705 WSZ0070  WSY2150  W1067A  R2059R WSY0180  H4292A. A5133A. MCA0670 M5001H. H4008A  M5055A  M5017A  M5021A  A5043X  A50434 MQC6201  MQC1031  H4519W  H45190  WPA5101/WPA5100/WPA5090 H4521T H4521F H4521N H45211K WSY0900  H4453H H4458T S4040X  S4040Z  S4040Y  S4040W S3184H Parts/Mark Camera Lamp Cylinder Cutter Holder Shaft Filter Nozzle Lamp Nozzle Lamp Holder Piston Nozzle  Lamp Holder Nozzle H12HS H12S H12 H08 H04 F04   GO4 H02 H01  SYRINGE H12S Syring9P/N:AA30A05  H08 Syring P/N:AA1ZX04  H04 Syring(P/N:AA32X03) Piston(P/N:AGFPH8011/8013/8014  COUPLING GFPH2580 SFC-020DA2-T020 AGFPH8013 PISON ASSY DNPH1080 PIN ADNGC8431 LIGHT HOLDER WSZ4080 PIN ABHPH8141 PIN ASSY W10047 WASHER N409H HEX SOCKET SET SCREW H1024B VALVE Y30860 UNION HALF ADNPH8812 BODY DEPH1091 NUT ROUND N4019A SCREW HEX SOCKET SRT K5613B DLOCK H42253 BEARING S4032R SENSOR Piston(P/N:AGFPH8011 8013/8014) PIN DNPH1083 ADNPH8170 8171 DNPH1094 ADNPH8180 8181 Lamp DEEM5460 XC-91RW DEEM5390 XC-71RW HOLDER LIGHT AGFGC8040 AGFGC8050  Z-AXIS :H45735  Z-AXIS BALL SCREW DNPH2150 PUSH DNPH2002 BODY ADNPH8810 8812 BEARING H42253 SPRING DNPH2090 STOPPER DNPH2100 H4519T XP242E/243E  GENERATOR VACUUM H1007D/E GENERATION VACUUM H1007G/F Y-AXISHOUSING GFSY3011 GFSY3022 BEARING H42324 H4518L BALL SCREW P/N:GFSY3310 BEARING P/N:H4217T HOUSING P/N:GFSY3272/GFSY3262 10UM SPACER P/N:Y3004GFPH0163 P/N:ADEAJ3031 GLASS CHIP P/N:ADNAJ8301 GLASS CHIP P/N:ADEGC8220 Plate Disperision  PISTON AGFPH8011  BELT DEQC0220   PIN(ADNPH8170) PIN(ADNPH8180) GGPH3020 H5066E H55102 GGPH2621 GGPH2631 DNPH2090 DNPH2100 R1020Z 110B R1020T 92B Camera Lamp(CCD Camera R1029A MFXL-1000;Line Scane Camera R1035R R1016A UV-LAMP DCGC0140 DCGC0150 LED-LAMP DGGC1010 FCP-B02 DGGC1020 FCP-MC02) LAMP  DEEM5460 XC-91RH DEEM5390 XC-71RH) CAM-Axis Coupling Part No:K10023/WSX4390 UV-Lamp Holder(Part No:AWPH3115---CP6 ADCPH3011 3264--- ADGPH8012--- WIDE CAMERA K1133Y IK-542FS NARROW CAMERA VGA CAMERA K1133X/K1133M IK-542F Shaft P/N:AWPH3088 CP74-Series Shaft(P/N:ADGPH4306 Shaft P/N:ADGPH6101 AWPH3120 Filter P/N:WPH2030 Filter P/N:ADCPH3270 Part No:WPH5142 WPH5152 S2085H CSQL0261 CSQL0271 DGQL0020 DGQL0030 WPL5012 X-Axis Ball Screw Part No:WSX4021+H4161A+H4206H Y-Axis Ball Screw Part No:WSY4321 Z-Axis Ball Screw Part No:AWSZ8020/8043/K3031X BALL SCREW P/N:WSX0021 BALL SCREW P/N:WSY0021 WPK0241 WPK0312 DGPK0050 DGPK1481 DGPK2010 DGPK1481 CAM BOX  DCPA0531 ADCPA8111 DCPA0541 ADCPA8121 1ST/ADCPA8131 9ST DCPA0551 ADCPA8141 P/N:WPH1182 P/N:DCPH0810 Shaft P/N:AWPH3088 P/N:ADGPH4306 P/N:ADGPH6101 Holder Vision Board Board HIMV-134Mark Camera Parts Camera CPU Board9P/N AEEPN4001/0 PFS-150-A03 Vision Board P/N:AEEPN5700 VPM-82403F C-6000 SERVO BOARD P/N:AEEPN5600 XMP-CPCI-12-24V 4800 P/N:AEEPN1600) CPU Board HIMV-134 P/N:K2089T  SBC BOARD VISION BOARD P/N:FH1119A/FH1119B  RALL GUIDE,P/N:DBSY0070 PQC0314  LCD Monitor Part No:74118Y Feeder  Part No:DBEH7041  Nozzle:0.4;0.7;1.0;1.3 IP3  Nozzle Single Head Index Head   Nozzle(H12HS/H12S/H12/H08 H04 H02 H01 OF F04/G04 GL H1007F H10066 VKBH12R-0608SR01G-B-NW-FMS H1007E H10060 VKBH12W-0608SR01E-B-NW-FMS H10661 F15T4-F4-PL3-DC24V NARROW CAMERA K1133X/K1133Y IK-542FS K1133M, IK-542F PC BOARD Part No:AEEPE2605 EJECTOR Part No:A4001K/A4001L;Holder ADBPH8070/DBPH0860 Parts Camera P/N:K1127W;Mark Camera P/N:K11323/K11324 R1035R/R1035M  Holder P/N:ADBPH8084 HOLDER ADBPH8070  EJECTOR A4001L/A4001K VGH12E-FM56L-21SK SBC BOARD AEEPN4301 PFS-147A-03 VISION BOARD FH1119B SERVO BOARD AEEPN4400 XMP-SERC03-PMC-8 ADBEN3704A,ADBEN3600 AMP EEAN2350 A1232A SGDH-04AE-N1Y88 AMP EEAN2340 A1231A SGDH-A5AE-N1Y88  MOTOR FEEDER KHEH1290 HARNESS CPU134 VISION  I/O  XC-75 IK-542FA DCPM0190 K1133Y CCD Camera R4040A Lens K40401 Cable WEC5560 Harness AWPQ8014 AWPM8020 GPH4491 S2085H HOLDER SHAFT WPH1284/SHAFT WPH1182 WSY0021 WSY0020 X Y K1005Z HOLDER  0.4 /0.7 1.0 1.3 1.3M Joint(1st&11st)AWPL8012 SHAFT  WPH0385/CLUTCH  WPK0241/WPK0312 SHAFT AWPH3120 DCPK0040/DCPK0800 MCHA7-28-12-LZ3 MCHA7-25-12-LZ3 DCGC0140/0150 DCPM0420  CCU IK-54XF2 ADCPM8012  DCPU0100FUJI   ST9 JOINT DCPH3451 A12GD25-1L-ZFUJI  XC-5 MARK R1035R SHAFT/HOLDER ADBPH8084 NOZZLE 3.7mm/ADBPN8140 INCODE DBEC7581 CCU IK-54XF2 ACGPN8150 SENSOR S40321 Single holder ABHPH8161/ABHPH8171/ABHPH8176 stopper  IK542F IK542FS IK542Fa IK542F IK542F  H1007E PISCO VKBH12R-0608SR01G-B-NW-FMS-VBS H1007G (PISCO VKBH12W-0608SR01G-B-NW-FMS-VBS VISION 4800   IK-542FA ST14 DCPM0190 K1133Y CCD Camera2. R4040A Lens3. K40401 Cable4. WEC5560 Harness  H4130E WSZ1032 WPA1791 K1005Z AWPQ8014  AWPM8020 H3181T/PBR6FN PBR8FN-203 PBRL8FN WPH1284/SHAFT WSY0021 WSY0020 K1005Z Joint 1st&11st AWPL8012 WPH0385/CLUTCH WPK0241/WPK0312 SHAFT AWPH3120 DCPK0040/DCPK0800 DCGC0140/0150  ST14 DCPM0420  CCU IK-54XF2 ADCPM8012 DCPU0100  XC-56 MARK R1035R HAFT/HOLDER ADBPH8084  CCU IK-54XF2 IK54XF2 ACGPN8150 SENSOR S40321 Single holder ABHPH8161/ABHPH8171/ABHPH8176 stopper  YAMAHA /FUJI /PANASTER/SANYO/SONY/SAMSUNG/JUKI FEEDER, SENSOR DNPH1085 MARK K1131F  K1129D R20135 5: DEQC0220 SAM6710 EEAN2870 R2081T DEEM5461 DEEM5391 IC ADNAZ8310 CSQC5380 S2085H H3181E DNPH2100 S2126L HOLDER AWPH3115 H10212 WPA1791 PCD245  amp S21215 WPU0290 DGPU2300 ADNPN7110 ADNPN7120 H1007D/E H1007F/G Light holder AGFGC8052CP6

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