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Universal Instruments Universal HighPerformance(GOLD listed by Shenzhen Tek-Develop Equipment Co., Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Universal Instruments Universal HighPerformance(GOLD


Universal Instruments Universal HighPerformance(GOLD


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Shenzhen Tek-Develop Equipment Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Tek-Develop Equipment Co., Ltd

We are specializing in buying and selling SMT machines including all major brands of PCB Assembly equipment.

Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

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Universal Instruments Universal HighPerformance(GOLD Specs:

Lot of Universal High Performance(GOLD) feeders for sale, running for Genesisi and Advantis machines.

49889214 - 8 mm High Performance(Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″

50381214 - 8 mm High Performance (Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″-13″

High Performance (Gold) Single Lane feeders:

50934707 - 8mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

50934807 - 12mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

50934904 - 16mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

50935004 - 24mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

50935104 - 32mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

51458702 - 44mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

51458802 - 56mm High Performance Gold Plus Spliceable)

51458902 - 72mm High Performance (Gold Plus Spliceable)

51459002 - 88mm High Performance (Gold Spliceable Deep Pocket)

Any interested please feel free to ask me for more informations. Thanks~!

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